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A 60-min crash course on Gluon

Build Status

Every .md file in this repo may be run directly in Jupyter notebook when you use the notedown plugin. Keeping the format in markdown instead of .ipynb makes it easier to collaborate and review on GitHub.


You should already have MXNet 1.2.1 or greater installed in a Python virtual environment. Start this environment and continue with Step 1.

Step 1: Install Jupyter notebook with notedown.

This tarball is provided to do this for you.

pip install

Note: If you run into a problem with this installation at the pandoc-attributes step, run pip uninstall pypandoc, then try the installation tarball again.

Step 2: Start Jupyter with notedown

jupyter notebook --NotebookApp.contents_manager_class='notedown.NotedownContentsManager'

Before committing updates to these notebooks, please make sure all outputs are cleared.