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Dark Blue ("Project Chipmunk") Client

A Preservation-Focused Dark Repository for the University of Michigan

Uploader Setup

You have two main options for configuring your API key and the URL to the Chipmunk server:

  1. Set CHIPMUNK_API_URL and CHIPMUNK_API_KEY in the environment, or
  2. Add a config/settings.local.yml to set literal values for url and api_key (leaving settings.yml alone):
# should be the full URL to the Chipmunk server; defaults to http://localhost:3000
url: http://localhost:3000

You may also specify a separate configuration file with the -c option for the uploader.

Uploader Usage

bin/upload [-c path/to/config.yml] /path/to/bag1 /path/to/bag2

If no config file is specified, it will use config/client.yml, if present, by default.

The client will display progress on uploading and validating each bag in sequence.

Bagging Audio Content

makebag audio will create a BagIt bag and move the files from source into output_bag/data. It expects there to be a METS file which contains an mdRef element that links to a record in Mirlyn; it will download MARC-XML for that record and included it in the bag.

bin/makebag audio <barcode> -s <source> <output bag directory>

Bagging "Bentley Audio" Content

makebag bentleyaudio will use a specialized profile for audio materials from the Bentley Historical Library. For this content type, there will usually be EAD metadata, rather than the METS file in the general audio profile. Using the "local metadata" means that the EAD sits outside of the content directory. For example:

bin/makebag bentleyaudio <barcode> -s /path/to/content --metadata-type EAD --metadata-path /path/to/barcode-ead.xml --metadata-url /path/to/bags/barcode

Bagging Digital Forensics Content

makebag digital will add chipmunk bagging information to an existing bag. The bag should follow the UMICH disk imaging profile

bin/makebag digital barcode path_to_bag


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