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Hydra-based digital publisher platform


Initial setup

  • clone the repository
  • run bundle install
  • run bundle exec bin/setup
  • install redis

Create an admin user

There is a rake task you can use to create a superadmin user. It will prompt you for an email address and password, and then create a user with the correct role.

bundle exec rake admin

If you need to run this when the app has been deployed, run:

RAILS_ENV=production bundle exec rake admin

Run the application

Run this command to start Fedora, Solr and Rails servers:

rake hydra:server

Or, if you prefer to start each server individually: (you must use this alternate option if runnig on a VM)

  $ redis-server /usr/local/etc/redis.conf
  $ bundle exec fcrepo_wrapper -p 8984 --no-jms
  $ bundle exec solr_wrapper -p 8983 -d solr/config/ --collection_name hydra-development
  $ bundle exec bin/rails s

Note, there are also config files available for running the wrappers (which save you from having to remember ports, collection names etc). Their settings attempt to persist your Solr index as you move between dev and test. Use like so:

fcrepo_wrapper --config .wrap_conf/fcrepo_dev
solr_wrapper --config .wrap_conf/solr_dev

Explain Partials

Set the EXPLAIN_PARTIALS environment variable to show partials being rendered in source html of your views (view this info using your browser's inspect element mode)

$ EXPLAIN_PARTIALS=true bundle exec bin/rails s

NOTE: Because this feature can add a fair bit of overhead, it is restricted to only run in development mode.


run rake ci

Alternatively, you can start up each server individually. This may be preferable because rake ci starts up and tears down Fedora and Solr before/after the test suite is run.

  1. Start up FCrepo

    fcrepo_wrapper -p 8986 --no-jms OR fcrepo_wrapper --config .wrap_conf/fcrepo_test

  2. Start up Solr

    solr_wrapper -p 8985 -d solr/config/ --collection_name hydra-test OR solr_wrapper --config .wrap_conf/solr_test

  3. Run tests



Contact the Fulcrum Developers List with any question about the project.