Shows in an example how to use autocomplete of JQuery inside a textarea, so that the word before the cursor will used for the lookup.
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Example for using autocomplete inside textareas

This project provides mainly examples how to use the JQuery autocomplete UI so that the user is able to complete a substring inside a textarea or textfield.

It works like this:

  1. Define which regexpression should match the substring inside the editor.
  2. Define the result set that has to be filtered.
  3. Call the JavaScript function provided with the following information:

As a result, your user may type any text. If the regexpression matches the text before the cursor position, the drop down list pop ups if the substring matches some of the values in the result set. By selecting some result, that result is inserted instead of the matched substring, and the cursor stays at that position.

Starting the examples

Use the following examples:

  1. cities-local.html: Standalone version that should work offline.
  2. citites.html: Same version, but resources are taken from the internet

The difference here is only, that cities-local.html does not need anything from the internet, citites.html needs the connection to get jquery and jquery-ui from the internet.

To start the example, just open the page cities-local.html or cities.html in any browser, and type in the name of cities mixed with any text. The cities are held in a variable in application.js, and could be replaced by any other content locally or remote. See the options for that at jquery autocomplete.


Base for the implementation was the answer of abstraktor on stackoverflow to my question about using jquery autocomplete inside a textarea. Based on that code, I added the following things:

  1. Use the word matching the giving regexpression in front of the cursor.
  2. Insert the selected matching string for the substring.
  3. Find a functioning implementation of positioning the cursor inside a textarea or textfield (see the question on stackoverflow with the implementation there)

The implementation is contained only in the file application.js, the rest is taken from jquery only.