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Fully Loaded Rails Application Template

A Rails application template as described here:

This template installs quite a few plugins and optionally attempts to automatically setup a mySQL database for your application (assuming your root mySQL user's login info is stored in /root/.my.cnf)

This template is written to allow it to be run multiple times and shouldn't (no guarantees) destroy existing configuration data.

Use at your own risk!


This template is distributed as a normal Rails plugin and invoked via a Rake task (which, in turn, invokes the rails:template task).

Note that this requires Rails 2.3 in order to function. Assuming you have Rails 2.3 installed, to use the template on your application, from its root directory, run:

./script/plugin install git://
rake loaded_rails_app

If you don't have Rails 2.3 installed yet, you can freeze your app to edge Rails and then run the plugin's rake task.

Example Output

root@feynman [/home/yourapp/yourapp]# rake loaded_rails_app
(in /home/yourapp/yourapp)
    applying  template: /home/yourapp/yourapp/vendor/plugins/loaded_rails_app/tasks/../lib/template.rb
     running  git init
   executing  find . -type d -empty | xargs -I xxx touch xxx/.gitignore from /home/yourapp/yourapp
    file  .gitignore
     running  git submodule init
          Would you like the script to attempt to setup your database (for mySQL users with root access only)?
          What would you like to use as the database prefix? [yourapp]

    file  config/database.yml
    file  db/migrate/0_create_users.rb
    file  db/migrate/1_virtual_enumerations.rb
   executing  cp config/database.yml config/database.yml.example from /home/yourapp/yourapp
   executing  rm -f public/index.html from /home/yourapp/yourapp
      plugin  rspec
      plugin  rspec-rails
      plugin  open_id_authentication
      plugin  exception_logger
      plugin  acts_as_taggable_redux
      plugin  asset_packager
      plugin  authlogic
      plugin  searchlogic
      plugin  settingslogic
      plugin  shoulda
      plugin  factory_girl
      plugin  quietbacktrace
      plugin  will_paginate
      plugin  aasm
      plugin  fancy_rake
      plugin  enhanced_console
      plugin  auto_migrations
      plugin  ansi
      plugin  mysql_setup
      plugin  active_scaffold
      plugin  haml
      plugin  ar_fixtures
      plugin  enumerations_mixin
      plugin  annotate_models
     gem  RedCloth
     running  git submodule init
    rake  gems:install
  generating  rspec
    rake  mysql_setup:full
    file  config/application.yml
    rake  db:sessions:create
  generating  authlogic
    rake  acts_as_taggable:db:create
    rake  db:migrate
    rake  annotate_models
       route  map.resource :account, :controller => 'users'
       route  map.resources :users
       route  map.resource :user_session
       route  map.root :controller => 'user_sessions', :action => 'new'
     running  git add .
     running  git commit -a -m 'Initial commit from template'
     ================== SUCCESS! ==================
     applied  /home/yourapp/yourapp/vendor/plugins/loaded_rails_app/tasks/../lib/template.rb

Copyright (c) 2009 Matt Lightner, released under the MIT license

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