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This is a very basic tangent generator, written in C++. The main purpose of this project is to facilitate adoption of, and discussion about, the proper setup of tangent spaces for glTF 2.0 assets.

Current Features:

  • Generation of per-corner tangents for triangle data with UVs
  • Computation of per-wedge / per-UV-vertex tangent spaces
  • Tangent frame orthogonalization
  • Encoding of 4-component tangents (with "flip factor") for avoiding explicit binormals
  • Simple C++ implementation, no dependencies

The code consists basically of one header + .cpp file. For debugging and visualization, there is also a simple X3D exporter in a separate file, which was used to generate the 3D visualizations shown below. The baked tangent-space normal maps are just provided for demonstration purposes, the actual baking code is not part of this repository.

So far, the C++ code from this project has just been compiled and tested with VS 2015.

Feedback and contributions are always welcome.


These are some basic results - images show tangent frames, detail mesh, and resulting baked normal map.


Web Demo


Web Demo