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Halloween Scare

This repository contains several smaller projects that make up some of my Halloween decorations.

Play Media

This device is designed to play a video or sound based on an MQTT message that comes in.

Motion Detector

This device is designed to detect motion and publish an MQTT message.

Fog Machine

This device is designed to control a fog machine via MQTT messages.


This device is designed to animate a skull via MQTT messages.

Scene Controller

A scene controller is nothing more than a way to wire up multiple devices into a scene that is trigger by some external means. The intent is to make the devices completely isolated from one another so that they only know what they do best and let the scene control manage gluing them all together. MQTT again is used to subscribe and publish to these devices.

MQTT Broker

Most of these projects communicate with one another using MQTT. You will need to setup an MQTT broker in order to have these devices talk to one another. I recommend using Mosquitto as you can run the broker on a Windows or Linux machine. You can even run it on a Raspberry Pi. I wont go into details on how to setup the broker so check out the Mosquitto website for more details on broker install.