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By setting a config option you can configure your outgoing email to always go to the same address (useful for example for development or staging environments).

# turn off EmailRecipientGuard (default)
config.email_recipient = nil
# send all emails to
config.email_recipient = ""
# set the config in another place (for example an initializer)
Rails.application.config.email_recipient = ""

## another possible options
## email_recipient needs to be set to make following work!
# send (as CC) to more recipients - second and following array 
# addresses will be set in CC header
config.email_recipient = ["", ""]
# prefix subject of outgoing emails
confir.email_subject_prefix = "[test_emails]"

EmailRecipientGuard is using an ActionMailer interceptor to change the message before sending. No guarantees that this works for you so please test for yourself!


MIT License. Copyright 2012 autohaus24 GmbH

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