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Example 6.2. Setting the Mock Class Loader #55

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I add de Phake::setLoader in my bootstrap/testhelper



But phpunit say

PHP Fatal error: Call to undefined method Phake::setLoader()
PHP Stack trace:
PHP 1. {main}() /usr/bin/phpunit:0
PHP 2. PHPUnit_TextUI_Command::main() /usr/bin/phpunit:46
PHP 3. PHPUnit_TextUI_Command->run() /usr/share/php/PHPUnit/TextUI/Command.php:125
PHP 4. PHPUnit_TextUI_Command->handleArguments() /usr/share/php/PHPUnit/TextUI/Command.php:134
PHP 5. PHPUnit_TextUI_Command->handleBootstrap() /usr/share/php/PHPUnit/TextUI/Command.php:615
PHP 6. PHPUnit_Util_Fileloader::checkAndLoad() /usr/share/php/PHPUnit/TextUI/Command.php:862
PHP 7. PHPUnit_Util_Fileloader::load() /usr/share/php/PHPUnit/Util/Fileloader.php:79
PHP 8. include_once() /usr/share/php/PHPUnit/Util/Fileloader.php:95

My enviroment
$ php -v
PHP 5.3.6-13ubuntu3.3 with Suhosin-Patch (cli) (built: Dec 13 2011 18:18:37)
Copyright (c) 1997-2011 The PHP Group
Zend Engine v2.3.0, Copyright (c) 1998-2011 Zend Technologies
with Xdebug v2.1.0, Copyright (c) 2002-2010, by Derick Rethans
with Suhosin v0.9.32.1, Copyright (c) 2007-2010, by SektionEins GmbH

$ phpunit --version
PHPUnit 3.6.8 by Sebastian Bergmann.

$ pear list -c

Installed packages, channel

Package Version State
Phake 1.0.2 stable



Instead of Phake::setLoader() use Phake::setClient().

Where did you get Phake::setLoader in the documentation? I didn't see it there. I just want to make sure if there is bad documentation out there I get it corrected.


@mlively mlively closed this

Ah, I see, I this is different functionality then what I thought you were looking at. That is definitely a documentation error. The rest of the documentation appears to be correct, but the actual example is wrong.

@mlively mlively reopened this

I think you just switched the examples between the pages :

I'll submit a pull request soon.

@mlively mlively closed this in b07ed88
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