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2013-07-02 Marius L. Jøhndal <>
* Avoid updating progress bar unless actually changed.
2013-07-01 Marius L. Jøhndal <>
* Limit the number of prints when updating the progess bar.
2013-06-24 Marius L. Jøhndal <>
* Fixed incorrect freeing of enclosure_full_filename on enclosure write failure.
* Ensure that output starts on new line after download with progress bar enabled.
2013-06-16 Marius L. Jøhndal <>
* Switched to glib's options parsing.
* Corrected location of binaries in gitignore file.
* Added optional download progress bar.
* Added --debug option for connection debugging.
* Added short section on HTTP proxy use to castget(1).
* Updated links in documentation.
2011-05-15 Marius L. Jøhndal <>
* Copyright update and whitespace removal.
2010-02-20 Marius L. Jøhndal <>
* Bumped version number to 1.1.0.
2007-11-14 Marius L. Jøhndal <>
*,, src/castget.c, src/channel.c,
src/channel.h, src/configuration.c, src/configuration.h: Added
support for per-channel enclosure regex filters.
* src/castget.c: Made rcfile non-global. Synchronised help message
with man page.
* README: Added details about dependencies.
* Switched to bzip2 for dist files.
*,, src/castget.c, src/channel.c,
src/channel.h: Added support for restricting operations to
enclosures matching a regex given on the command line.
2007-11-14 Marius L. Jøhndal <>
* Bumped version number to 1.0.1.
2007-11-13 Marius L. Jøhndal <>
* libcastget/utils.c: Improved handling of out of disk space
errors. Removed superfluous close().
2007-10-18 Marius L. Jøhndal <>
* libcastget/urlget.c: Added custom User-Agent header.
* castget/castget.c: Updated banner copyright.
2007-10-12 Marius Larsen Jøhndal <>
* Documented --rcfile option.
2007-10-12 Jick Nan <>
* src/castget.c: Add --rcfile <path/to/rcfile> option.
2007-09-20 Marius L. Jøhndal <>
* Bumped version number to 1.0.0.
* Minor language clean-up.
2007-09-20 Marius Larsen Jøhndal <>
* src/, src/castget.c, src/channel.c, src/channel.h,
src/libcastget.h, src/rss.h, src/urlget.c, src/urlget.h,
src/utils.c, src/utils.h: Eliminated libcastget.h.
*, src/, src/castget.c,
src/configuration.c, src/htmlent.h, src/rss.c, src/urlget.h,
src/channel.c, src/configuration.h, src/libxmlutil.c, src/rss.h,
src/utils.c, src/channel.h, src/htmlent.c, src/libxmlutil.h,
src/urlget.c, src/utils.h: Moved all source files into a single
subdirectory src/ in order to remove libcastget.
2007-02-15 Marius L. Jøhndal <>
* Bumped version number to 0.9.6.
*, castget/castget.c, libcastget/channel.c,
libcastget/channel.h, libcastget/libcastget.h,
libcastget/urlget.c, libcastget/urlget.h: Added --resume option
(Jick Nan).
2007-01-24 Marius L. Jøhndal <>
* castget/castget.c: Added --new-only option (Jick Nan).
*, Documented --new option. Clarified
behaviour of channel files when configurations are removed from
configuration files.
* libcastget/rss.c, libcastget/rss.c: Added the field fetched_time
to the RSS file structure.
* castget/castget.c, libcastget/libcastget.c,
libcastget/libcastget.h: Refactored libcastget_channel_update,
libcastget_channel_catchup and libcastget_channel_list. Added
first_only flag.
* castget/castget.c, Added --first-only option.
2006-11-09 Marius L. Jøhndal <>
* Clarified intended behaviour of the --list option.
2006-09-03 Marius L. Jøhndal <>
* Tried to correct problems with the id3lib checking
failing to link.
2006-07-28 Marius L. Jøhndal <>
* castget/castget.c: Fixed a problem with the "quiet" option
interfering with the writing of ID3 tags (!)
* castget/castget.c, libcastget/rss.c, libcastget/utils.c:
Removed some warnings.
2006-07-22 Marius L. Jøhndal <>
* castget.c: Changed printing of file sizes to use kB, MB, and GB
also when listing available downloads.
2006-07-08 Marius L. Jøhndal <>
* Bumped version number to 0.9.5.
*,, Added new man page on
the configuration file.
* Clarifyed the default behaviour of castget when
invoked without arguments. Added reference to castgetrc(5).
* castget/castget.c: Added verification of keys in configuration
2006-06-21 Marius L. Jøhndal <>
* libcastget/utils.c: Rewrote temporary file handling to avoid
renaming files across devices.
2006-06-10 Marius L. Jøhndal <>
* Bumped version number to 0.9.4.
* libcastget/channel.c: Added missing escaping of URLs written to
channel file.
* castget/castget.c: Removed silly verbosity check from channel
listing function.
* castget/castget.c: Fixed bad handling of errors generated by
g_key_file_load_from_file when loading configuration files.
2006-06-09 Marius L. Jøhndal <>
* libcastget/, libcastget/htmlent.c,
libcastget/htmlent.h, libcastget/rss.c: Added work-around for HTML
entitites in RSS files.
2006-05-25 Marius L. Jøhndal <>
* castget.c: Removed misplaced libcastget_channel_free() in
channel parsing function.
2006-05-06 Marius L. Jøhndal <>
* castget.c: Removed printing of enclosure length when length is
zero. Fixed broken enclosure MIME type check when no MIME type
appears in RSS feed.
2006-03-30 Marius L. Jøhndal <>
* rss.c, libcastget.h, channel.c, castget.c: Moved enclosure
filename into enclosure structure and changed progress output to
filename instead of URL.
2006-03-21 Marius L. Jøhndal <>
* Bumped version number to 0.9.3.
* libcastget.h, rss.c, libxmlutil.c, libxmlutil.h: Added support
for the MRSS content tag. MRSS information will be preferred over
attributes on an enclosure tag.
* castget.c: Changed printing of file sizes to use kB, MB, and GB
when suitable. Some formatting adjustments to progress printout.
2005-12-08 Marius L. Jøhndal <>
* Bumped version number to 0.9.2.
* libcastget/rss.c, libcastget/utils.c: Fixed invalid cross device
link errors caused by uninitialized pointer in temporary file
2005-12-07 Marius L. Jøhndal <>
* castget/castget.c: Added a missing test to exclude the global
group "*" from channel iteration.
2005-12-01 Marius L. Jøhndal <>
* castget/castget.c: Fixed broken handling of missing configuration
2005-12-01 Marius L. Jøhndal <>
* libcastget/ Removed superfluous (and broken) include
2005-11-19 Marius L. Jøhndal <>
* Bumped version number to 0.9.1.
2005-11-19 Marius L. Jøhndal <>
*,, Added man
page for castget program.
2005-11-19 Marius L. Jøhndal <>
* castgetrc.example, castget/castgetrc.example,,
castget/ Moved example configuration file to top-level
2005-11-19 Marius L. Jøhndal <>
* castget/, castget/castget.c,
castget/castgetrc.example, castget/configuration.c,
castget/configuration.h: Added a global section to the
configuration file.
2005-11-14 Marius L. Jøhndal <>
* castget/castget.c: Expanded usage information.
2005-11-14 Marius L. Jøhndal <>
* Bumped version number for initial release.
2005-11-14 Marius L. Jøhndal <>
* libcastget/channel.c, libcastget/channel.h, libcastget/utils.c,
libcastget/utils.h: Added timestamping of channel updates and
enclosure downloads.
2005-11-13 Marius L. Jøhndal <>
* libcastget/channel.c, libcastget/rss.c, libcastget/urlget.c,
libcastget/urlget.h, libcastget/utils.c, libcastget/utils.h:
Switched to downloading RSS file to temporary file in order to
avoid recurrent libxml2 parse errors.
2005-11-13 Marius L. Jøhndal <>
* castget/castget.c: Added user-defined per-channel ID3 tags.
2005-10-24 Marius L. Jøhndal <>
* libcastget/, libcastget/channel.c, libcastget/utils.c,
libcastget/utils.h: Modified channel file saving function to use
temporary files. Added proper XML prologue and a version number to
channel files.
2005-08-28 Marius L. Jøhndal <>
* castget/castget.c: Check return value of libcastget_channel_new
and report error. Moved libxml2 to main block for now.
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