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from couchdbkit import Server, Database
from couchdbkit.loaders import FileSystemDocsLoader
from csv import DictReader
import time, sys, subprocess
def gunzip(ifname):
cmd = 'gunzip %s' % ifname
print cmd
proc = subprocess.Popen(cmd,shell=True,stdout=subprocess.PIPE,)
stdout_value = proc.communicate()[0]
stdout_value = stdout_value.strip()
print stdout_value
return ifname.replace('.gz','')
def upload(db, docs):
print 'upload:\t%i' % n
del docs
return list()
if __name__=='__main__':
fname = sys.argv[1]
uri = sys.argv[2]
dbname = sys.argv[3]
print 'Upload contents of %s to %s/%s' % (fname, uri, dbname)
if (fname.endswith('.gz')):
fname = gunzip(fname)
# #connect to the db
cloudant = Server(uri)
db = cloudant.get_or_create_db(dbname)
#sync the views for prebuilt indices
loader = FileSystemDocsLoader('_design/')
loader.sync(db, verbose=True)
#loop on file for upload
reader = DictReader(open(fname),delimiter='|')
#used for bulk uploading
docs = list()
checkpoint = 1000
start = time.time()
for doc in reader:
if (len(docs)%checkpoint==0):
docs = upload(db,docs)
#don't forget the last batch
upload(db, docs)
#print summary statistics
delta = time.time() - start
rate = float(checkpoint)/float(delta)
ndocs = n
print 'uploaded: %i docs in: %i seconds for a rate: %f docs/sec' % (ndocs, delta,rate)