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@@ -9,13 +9,17 @@ cloudant hosted account (sign up at <!/solutions/cloud>) o
## Install
+git clone
cd inventory
-couchapp push 'http://<user>:<pwd>@<user><db>'
+curl -X PUT 'http://&lt;user&gt;:&lt;pwd&gt;&lt;user&gt;;dbname&gt;'
+couchapp push 'http://&lt;user&gt;:&lt;pwd&gt;&lt;user&gt;;dbname&gt;'
-To configure the application display, modify the file:
+To configure the application display and behavior, modify the files:
+ _attachments/script.js
+To add a new view add a new directory under views. The view name will be the name of the directory (ala myViews) and then you can simply write map.js (and reduce.js if required) in that directory.
-Now view your app at
- http://&lt;user&gt;;db&gt;/_design/myDesign/index.html
+Now view your app at http://&lt;user&gt;:&lt;pwd&gt;&lt;user&gt;;dbname&gt;/_design/myDesign/index.html

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