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Building and running under Linux

This program can be run under Linux (debian), in the Mono environment.

The mono runtime can be installed with the following command (run it in a terminal):

sudo apt-get install mono-runtime


sudo apt-get install mono-reference-assemblies-2.0

The application must be compiled for mono. For this you have to install the following components:

sudo apt-get install mono-xbuild

sudo apt-get install mono-mcs

sudo apt-get install mono-devel

To build the application simply do this in a terminal:

cd folder-where-betterpoeditor-was-extracted/

cd src-mono/


make install

Thats all. Once the make process ends, you can launch the application with this command line


Compiling .po files into .mo files

You needs the msgfmt utility, part of the gettext package. To install it simply open

sudo apt-get install gettext