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Write LaTeX-formatted documents using J evaluation
J Perl
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This is JtoLaTeX, a compiler which writes LaTeX files using J evaluation
for the hard bits.

This project aims to be extensible, and to interface well with J.
A natural corollary of this behavior will be a particularly powerful
formatting language.

The script jlatex can be run on a document, and will compile it to a
.tex document and then run pdflatex on that.

To install,
$ cd ~user/
$ git clone git://
# ln -s JtoLaTeX/jlatex /usr/bin/jlatex
where ~user is given by
   jpath '~user'
in J.

Documents are written in LaTeX, except that a section enclosed in an
escape like \L() will be executed according to the verb L_pjdoc_ in
jdoc.ijs. In particular, L converts a J expression into an "equivalent"
LaTeX expression, sending '2+^~<:5' to '2+(5-1)^{5-1}', for example.

This allows you to do many J things in LaTeX, like computations, tables,
and plots.

See doc/introduction for some (not very extensive) guidance and examples
of JtoLaTeX code.

Handling of built-in functions can be configured in opdata.ijs, and
functionality can be added by writing a script in the extra folder.

This version includes the filepath '~user/JtoLaTeX/' in the file jlatex,
which must be changed if you want to install somewhere else.
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