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cvtx Agenda Plugin

cvtx Agenda Plugin is a Wordpress plugin that supports you in setting up and organizing the schedule and the agenda of political conventions. It offers several web forms to easily submit motions, amendments and applications, it automatically produces high-quality PDF files and helps you to manage and publish these documents in different formats (which look pretty awesome!). Because the plugin is based on Wordpress, you can do a lot of cool stuff to increase the news coverage of your convention like blogging, include Twitter, post photos etc. So, cvtx Agenda Plugin takes care of all the annoying work while you can focus on the important things and enjoy your event.

You need Wordpress (version 3.3 or higher) and the amazing typesetting system LaTeX (version 2ε or higher) to unleash the full power of the plugin. By now, our plugin speaks German, English and French. cvtx Agenda Plugin is free software, so please honor the GNU General Public License and feel free to use it according to your needs. (To be honest, we are curious about what you are doing, give us a hint to your web page if you like!)

Wanna know more about cvtx Agenda Plugin? Check out our website!

Demo sites

You can see our plugin in action:

Or just go to our demo site (of course you can also get the admin login, please send us a message).


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