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#pragma once
#include <vector>
#include <set>
#include "constants.hpp"
#include "Types.hpp"
#include "Move.hpp"
#include "Vector2.hpp"
#include "Entity.hpp"
class Ship;
class NavigationRequest;
class NavigationOption {
NavigationOption(int angle, int thrust, bool future = false) : angle(angle), thrust(thrust), future(future), score(-99) {
int angle;
int thrust;
bool future;
double score;
bool operator<(const NavigationOption& other) const
return score > other.score;
struct NavigationRequest {
NavigationRequest() { }
Ship* ship;
Vector2 targetLocation;
bool avoid_enemies;
bool avoid_obstacles = true;
std::set<NavigationRequest*> eventHorizon;
class Navigation {
// hlt functiosn
static bool segment_circle_intersect(const Vector2& start, const Vector2& end, const Vector2& circlePosition, const double circleRadius, const double fudge);
static std::pair<bool, double> collision_time(long double r, const Vector2& loc1, const Vector2& loc2, const Vector2& vel1, const Vector2& vel2);
static bool CheckEntityBetween(const Vector2& start, const Vector2& target, const Entity* entity_to_check);
static bool AreObjectsBetween(const Vector2& start, const Vector2& target);
static bool IsOutsideTheMap(const Vector2& location);
static double GetPositionScore(const Vector2& position, const Vector2& targetLocation, bool avoiding_enemies);
static std::vector<Move> NavigateShips(std::set<NavigationRequest*> navigationRequests);