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Get notified when somebody mentions you on IRC
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Receive an email when somebody mentions you on IRC.

  • You're mailed when somebody mentions you (or when your nick appears in the message)
  • You're mailed when a message is send to everyone on the channel
  • You're mailed when somebody sends you a private message


This plugin uses sendmail wrapper to send emails. If you have postfix or exim installed it's already in your system. Otherwise you can use nullmailer or ssmtp.

You'll also need MIME::Lite library for Perl.

On Debian/Ubuntu you can install it with

apt-get install libmime-lite-perl


Copy to ~/.scripts/irssi and optionally symlink it to ~/.scripts/irssi/autorun

Lame install

$ ssh
$ curl | sh

Open Irssi and type the following command in any window

/script load


Define how long should the plugin wait for activity? 2 minutes is default

30s = 30 seconds, 5m = 5 minutes, etc.

/set email_mentions_delay 5m

Set email recipient. yourUsername@localhost is default

/set email_mentions_to_address

Set email sender. irssi@localhost is default

/set email_mentions_from_address

Don't forget to save your config

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