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Front end for XC=Basic. In the style of TurboPascal 3.0
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XCB is a frontend for Feteke Csaba's cool XC=Basic compiler for 6502 processors.


Feteke Csaba has written a really nice BASIC dialect compiler for the Commodore C64 8 bit computer.


XCB is little bash script front-end to the Edit/Compile/Run loop.

Look'n'Feel is based on TurboPascal 3.0 for CP/M --- seemed appropriate for a compiler for an old 8-bit computer.

Please note:

==> This is Alpha quality software, things are rough, unfinished and may ass'plode yer computer. ;-) <==

Getting Started



Install VICE as per home page. Install both XC=Basic and DASM. All of these programs must be on your $PATH

Install XCB with:

git clone

Run XCB with:

$ cd to_your_work_directory

$ xcb prog1.bas prog1.prg

XC=Basic --- A 6502 BASIC Compiler
(C) Csaba Fekete

Executable paths:
Assembler:  /home/user/bin/dasm
Compiler:  /home/user/bin/xcbasic64
Machine:  /home/user/bin/x64
Editor:  /usr/bin/vim

Work File: prog1.bas

Output File: prog1.prg

Edit    Run     Compile Quit

Please select command >

Not shown above are the letters in reverse video that are the 'menu' choices. Select from the menu and then ENTER.

  • W: shows a file listing of the current working directory. Select the file you want to edit. There is no provision for changing directory here. Exit the script to change directory.
  • O: will ask user to enter the output file name (ie: prog1.prg). This is the target file name for the compiler
  • E: edit the current Work File.
  • R: run the current Output File.
  • C: compile the current Work File into the current Output File.
  • Q: quit the script

... and that's all folks.

Built With

  • Bash
  • Vim (what else....)



This software is licensed under the GNU GENERAL PUBLIC LICENSE, Version 3, 29 June 2007


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