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Getting started

Connect to redis:

require 'em-hiredis'
redis = EM::Hiredis.connect

Or, connect to redis with a redis URL (for a different host, port, password, DB)

redis = EM::Hiredis.connect("redis://")

The client is a deferrable which succeeds when the underlying connection is established so you can bind to this. This isn't necessary however - any commands sent before the connection is established (or while reconnecting) will be sent to redis on connect.

redis.callback { puts "Redis now connected" }

All redis commands are available without any remapping of names

redis.set('foo', 'bar').callback {
  redis.get('foo').callback { |value|
    p [:returned, value]

As a shortcut, if you're only interested in binding to the success case you can simply provide a block to any command

redis.get('foo') { |value|
  p [:returned, value]

Handling failure

All commands return a deferrable. In the case that redis replies with an error (for example you called a hash operation against a set), or in the case that the redis connection is broken before the command returns, the deferrable will fail. If you care about the failure case you should bind to the errback - for example:

redis.sadd('aset', 'member').callback {
  response_deferrable = redis.hget('aset', 'member')
  response_deferrable.errback { |e|
    p e # => #<RuntimeError: ERR Operation against a key holding the wrong kind of value>


This example should explain things. Once a redis connection is in a pubsub state, you must make sure you only send pubsub commands.

redis = EM::Hiredis.connect
subscriber = EM::Hiredis.connect


subscriber.on(:message) { |channel, message|
  p [:message, channel, message]

subscriber.on(:pmessage) { |key, channel, message|
  p [:pmessage, key, channel, message]

EM.add_periodic_timer(1) {
  redis.publish("bar.#{rand(2)}", "hello").errback { |e|
    p [:publisherror, e]


Hacking on em-hiredis is pretty simple, make sure you have Bundler installed:

gem install bundler

To run all the tests:

bundle exec rake

To run an individual test:

bundle exec rspec spec/redis_commands_spec.rb

Many thanks to the em-redis gem for getting this gem bootstrapped with some tests.

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