Error C3861: 'usleep': identifier not found. under win32 #212

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rcurtin commented Dec 29, 2014

Reported by zy26 on 16 Dec 42233460 11:40 UTC
For cli_test.cpp, we need usleep on win32.


error C3861: 'usleep': identifier not found mlpack\src\mlpack\tests\cli_test.cpp    212 1   mlpack_test

An ugly fix is add those code to line 12 of cli_test.cpp

void usleep(int waitTime){
  __int64 time1 = 0, time2 = 0, sysFreq = 0;
  QueryPerformanceCounter((LARGE_INTEGER *)&time1);
  QueryPerformanceFrequency((LARGE_INTEGER *)&sysFreq);
    QueryPerformanceCounter((LARGE_INTEGER *)&time2);
  }while( (time2-time1) <waitTime);
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@rcurtin rcurtin added this to the mlpack 1.0.2 milestone Dec 29, 2014
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rcurtin commented Dec 30, 2014

Commented by rcurtin on 4 Aug 42233501 03:48 UTC
I think I have this fixed in r11995 but I haven't tested it yet (still booting the Windows box). You said you're using VS2010, so I'm surprised I didn't come across this problem already in my VS2010 testing. If I find it fails on Windows, I'll have a fix for it shortly.

rcurtin commented Dec 30, 2014

Commented by rcurtin on 22 Mar 42233535 12:47 UTC
The fix in r11995 works, but the test required a very minor (trivial) fix which I committed in r11996 to pass (> != >=).

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