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Released Oct. 28, 2020.

  • Added Mean Absolute Percentage Error.
  • Added Softmin activation function as layer in ann/layer.
  • Fix spurious ARMA_64BIT_WORD compilation warnings on 32-bit systems (#2665).
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Released Sep. 7, 2020.

  • Fix incorrect parsing of required matrix/model parameters for command-line bindings (#2600).

  • Add manual type specification support to data::Load() and data::Save() (#2084, #2135, #2602).

  • Remove use of internal Armadillo functionality (#2596, #2601, #2602).

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Released Sept. 1st, 2020.

  • Issue warnings when metrics produce NaNs in KFoldCV (#2595).

  • Added bindings for R during Google Summer of Code (#2556).

  • Added common striptype function for all bindings (#2556).

  • Refactored common utility function of bindings to bindings/util (#2556).

  • Renamed InformationGain to HoeffdingInformationGain in methods/hoeffding_trees/information_gain.hpp (#2556).

  • Added macro for changing stream of printing and warnings/errors (#2556).

  • Added Spatial Dropout layer (#2564).

  • Force CMake to show error when it didn't find Python/modules (#2568).

  • Refactor ProgramInfo() to separate out all the different information (#2558).

  • Add bindings for one-hot encoding (#2325).

  • Added Soft Actor-Critic to RL methods (#2487).

  • Added Categorical DQN to q_networks (#2454).

  • Added N-step DQN to q_networks (#2461).

  • Add Silhoutte Score metric and Pairwise Distances (#2406).

  • Add Go bindings for some missed models (#2460).

  • Replace boost program_options dependency with CLI11 (#2459).

  • Additional functionality for the ARFF loader (#2486); use case sensitive categories (#2516).

  • Add bayesian_linear_regression binding for the command-line, Python, Julia, and Go. Also called "Bayesian Ridge", this is equivalent to a version of linear regression where the regularization parameter is automatically tuned (#2030).

  • Fix defeatist search for spill tree traversals (#2566, #1269).

  • Fix incremental training of logistic regression models (#2560).

  • Change default configuration of BUILD_PYTHON_BINDINGS to OFF (#2575).

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Released June 18, 2020.

  • Added Noisy DQN to q_networks (#2446).

  • Add [preview release of] Go bindings (#1884).

  • Added Dueling DQN to q_networks, Noisy linear layer to ann/layer and Empty loss to ann/loss_functions (#2414).

  • Storing and adding accessor method for action in q_learning (#2413).

  • Added accessor methods for ANN layers (#2321).

  • Addition of Elliot activation function (#2268).

  • Add adaptive max pooling and adaptive mean pooling layers (#2195).

  • Add parameter to avoid shuffling of data in preprocess_split (#2293).

  • Add MatType parameter to LSHSearch, allowing sparse matrices to be used for search (#2395).

  • Documentation fixes to resolve Doxygen warnings and issues (#2400).

  • Add Load and Save of Sparse Matrix (#2344).

  • Add Intersection over Union (IoU) metric for bounding boxes (#2402).

  • Add Non Maximal Supression (NMS) metric for bounding boxes (#2410).

  • Fix no_intercept and probability computation for linear SVM bindings (#2419).

  • Fix incorrect neighbors for k > 1 searches in approx_kfn binding, for the QDAFN algorithm (#2448).

  • Add RBF layer in ann module to make RBFN architecture (#2261).

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Released April 29th, 2020.

  • Minor Julia and Python documentation fixes (#2373).

  • Updated terminal state and fixed bugs for Pendulum environment (#2354, #2369).

  • Added EliSH activation function (#2323).

  • Add L1 Loss function (#2203).

  • Pass CMAKE_CXX_FLAGS (compilation options) correctly to Python build (#2367).

  • Expose ensmallen Callbacks for sparseautoencoder (#2198).

  • Bugfix for LARS class causing invalid read (#2374).

  • Add serialization support from Julia; use mlpack.serialize() and mlpack.deserialize() to save and load from IOBuffers.

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Released April 7th, 2020.

  • Templated return type of Forward function of loss functions (#2339).

  • Added R2 Score regression metric (#2323).

  • Added mean squared logarithmic error loss function for neural networks (#2210).

  • Added mean bias loss function for neural networks (#2210).

  • The DecisionStump class has been marked deprecated; use the DecisionTree class with NoRecursion=true or use ID3DecisionStump instead (#2099).

  • Added probabilities_file parameter to get the probabilities matrix of AdaBoost classifier (#2050).

  • Fix STB header search paths (#2104).

  • Add DISABLE_DOWNLOADS CMake configuration option (#2104).

  • Add padding layer in TransposedConvolutionLayer (#2082).

  • Fix pkgconfig generation on non-Linux systems (#2101).

  • Use log-space to represent HMM initial state and transition probabilities (#2081).

  • Add functions to access parameters of Convolution and AtrousConvolution layers (#1985).

  • Add Compute Error function in lars regression and changing Train function to return computed error (#2139).

  • Add Julia bindings (#1949). Build settings can be controlled with the BUILD_JULIA_BINDINGS=(ON/OFF) and JULIA_EXECUTABLE=/path/to/julia CMake parameters.

  • CMake fix for finding STB include directory (#2145).

  • Add bindings for loading and saving images (#2019); mlpack_image_converter from the command-line, mlpack.image_converter() from Python.

  • Add normalization support for CF binding (#2136).

  • Add Mish activation function (#2158).

  • Update init_rules in AMF to allow users to merge two initialization rules (#2151).

  • Add GELU activation function (#2183).

  • Better error handling of eigendecompositions and Cholesky decompositions (#2088, #1840).

  • Add LiSHT activation function (#2182).

  • Add Valid and Same Padding for Transposed Convolution layer (#2163).

  • Add CELU activation function (#2191)

  • Add Log-Hyperbolic-Cosine Loss function (#2207)

  • Change neural network types to avoid unnecessary use of rvalue references (#2259).

  • Bump minimum Boost version to 1.58 (#2305).

  • Refactor STB support so HAS_STB macro is not needed when compiling against mlpack (#2312).

  • Add Hard Shrink Activation Function (#2186).

  • Add Soft Shrink Activation Function (#2174).

  • Add Hinge Embedding Loss Function (#2229).

  • Add Cosine Embedding Loss Function (#2209).

  • Add Margin Ranking Loss Function (#2264).

  • Bugfix for incorrect parameter vector sizes in logistic regression and softmax regression (#2359).

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Released Oct. 1, 2019. (But I forgot to release it on Github; sorry about that.)

  • Enforce CMake version check for ensmallen #2032.
  • Fix CMake check for Armadillo version #2029.
  • Better handling of when STB is not installed #2033.
  • Fix Naive Bayes classifier computations in high dimensions #2022.
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Released Sept. 25, 2019.

  • Fix occasionally-failing RADICAL test (#1924).

  • Fix gcc 9 OpenMP compilation issue (#1970).

  • Added support for loading and saving of images (#1903).

  • Add Multiple Pole Balancing Environment (#1901, #1951).

  • Added functionality for scaling of data (#1876); see the command-line binding mlpack_preprocess_scale or Python binding preprocess_scale().

  • Add new parameter maximum_depth to decision tree and random forest bindings (#1916).

  • Fix prediction output of softmax regression when test set accuracy is calculated (#1922).

  • Pendulum environment now checks for termination. All RL environments now have an option to terminate after a set number of time steps (no limit by default) (#1941).

  • Add support for probabilistic KDE (kernel density estimation) error bounds when using the Gaussian kernel (#1934).

  • Fix negative distances for cover tree computation (#1979).

  • Fix cover tree building when all pairwise distances are 0 (#1986).

  • Improve KDE pruning by reclaiming not used error tolerance (#1954, #1984).

  • Optimizations for sparse matrix accesses in z-score normalization for CF (#1989).

  • Add kmeans_max_iterations option to GMM training binding gmm_train_main.

  • Bump minimum Armadillo version to 8.400.0 due to ensmallen dependency requirement (#2015).

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Released May 26, 2019.

  • Fix random forest bug for numerical-only data (#1887).
  • Significant speedups for random forest (#1887).
  • Random forest now has minimum_gain_split and subspace_dim parameters (#1887).
  • Decision tree parameter print_training_error deprecated in favor of print_training_accuracy.
  • output option changed to predictions for adaboost and perceptron binding. Old options are now deprecated and will be preserved until mlpack 4.0.0 (#1882).
  • Concatenated ReLU layer (#1843).
  • Accelerate NormalizeLabels function using hashing instead of linear search (see src/mlpack/core/data/normalize_labels_impl.hpp) (#1780).
  • Add ConfusionMatrix() function for checking performance of classifiers (#1798).
  • Install ensmallen headers when it is downloaded during build (#1900).
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Released April 25, 2019.
Release email

  • Add DiagonalGaussianDistribution and DiagonalGMM classes to speed up the diagonal covariance computation and deprecate DiagonalConstraint (#1666).

  • Add kernel density estimation (KDE) implementation with bindings to other languages (#1301).

  • Where relevant, all models with a Train() method now return a double value representing the goodness of fit (i.e. final objective value, error, etc.) (#1678).

  • Add implementation for linear support vector machine (see src/mlpack/methods/linear_svm).

  • Change DBSCAN to use PointSelectionPolicy and add OrderedPointSelection (#1625).

  • Residual block support (#1594).

  • Bidirectional RNN (#1626).

  • Dice loss layer (#1674, #1714) and hard sigmoid layer (#1776).

  • output option changed to predictions and output_probabilities to probabilities for Naive Bayes binding (mlpack_nbc/nbc()). Old options are now deprecated and will be preserved until mlpack 4.0.0 (#1616).

  • Add support for Diagonal GMMs to HMM code (#1658, #1666). This can provide large speedup when a diagonal GMM is acceptable as an emission probability distribution.

  • Python binding improvements: check parameter type (#1717), avoid copying Pandas dataframes (#1711), handle Pandas Series objects (#1700).