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Hey, we are the mlr-org 👋

mlr3verse - overview of mlr3 packages

If you have ever wondered who are the people behind the mlr and mlr3 R packages, here's some information about us: We are currently between 5 - 10 active developers who work on the mlr-org packages (mainly on the mlr3 packages). Most of us are from the LMU Munich (Statistial Learning and Data Science) and TU Dortmund (Department of Statistics) universities or were somehow related to these at some point. We also have people from the Alan Turing institute contributing to our projects. You can find more information about the individual people on this Wiki page.

🗺️ Our philosophy

Everything we do is fully open-source and mostly unpaid. Mostly because some people working at the university chairs mentioned above are using parts of their time to work on mlr-org packages. Most people of the team however do not have "official time" for mlr3 work and do everything in their spare time.

We occasionally (usually one per year) host workshops to push the development of mlr-org packages. To finance these and cover (parts of) the travel costs, we use donations via GitHub Sponsors.

📚️ Available resources

Here is a list of mlr-org related resources that should help to get you started:

👓 Appendix

Unfortunately we currently don't have a roadmap as it is hard for us to keep it in a current state. You can check the open issues in the respective repositories to get a basic idea of open tasks and possibly upcoming enhancements. If you have any suggestion or feature you'd like to see in mlr3, please open an issue or a discussion in on of our repos or join us at our public Mattermost instance.


  1. mlr3 Public

    mlr3: Machine Learning in R - next generation

    R 665 72

  2. Dataflow Programming for Machine Learning in R

    R 117 20

  3. mlr3book Public

    mlr3 manual

    TeX 108 36

  4. mlr3proba Public

    Probabilistic Supervised Learning for mlr3

    R 70 15

  5. mlr Public

    Machine Learning in R

    R 1.6k 405

  6. mlr3gallery Public archive

    Case studies using mlr3

    HTML 20 11