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title: "Out-of-Bag Predictions"
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Some learners like random forest use bagging. Bagging means that the learner consists of an ensemble of several base learners and each base learner is trained with a different random subsample or bootstrap sample from all observations.
A prediction made for an observation in the original data set using only base learners not trained on this particular observation is called out-of-bag (OOB) prediction. These predictions are not prone to overfitting, as each prediction is only made by learners that did not use the observation for training.
To get a list of learners that provide OOB predictions, you can call
`listLearners(obj = NA, properties = "oobpreds")`.
listLearners(obj = NA, properties = "oobpreds")[c("class", "package")]
In `mlr` function `getOOBPreds()` can be used to extract these observations from the trained models.
These predictions can be used to evaluate the performance of a given learner like in the following example.
lrn = makeLearner("classif.ranger", predict.type = "prob", predict.threshold = 0.6)
mod = train(lrn, sonar.task)
oob = getOOBPreds(mod, sonar.task)
performance(oob, measures = list(auc, mmce))
As the predictions that are used are out-of-bag, this evaluation strategy is very similar to common resampling strategies like 10-fold cross-validation, but much faster, as only one training instance of the model is required.
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