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title: "Parallelization"
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```{r setup, echo = FALSE, message=FALSE}
knitr::opts_chunk$set(collapse = TRUE)
**R** by default does not make use of parallelization.
With the integration of `parallelMap()` into `mlr`, it becomes easy to activate the parallel computing capabilities already supported by `mlr`.
`parallelMap()` works with all major parallelization backends: local multicore execution using `parallel()`, socket and MPI clusters using `snow()`, makeshift SSH-clusters using `BatchJobs()` and high performance computing clusters (managed by a scheduler like SLURM, Torque/PBS, SGE or LSF) also using `BatchJobs()`.
All you have to do is select a backend by calling one of the
`parallelStart*` (`parallelMap::parallelStart()`) functions.
The first loop `mlr` encounters which is marked as parallel executable will be automatically parallelized.
It is good practice to call `parallelStop` (`parallelMap::parallelStop()`) at the end of your script.
rdesc = makeResampleDesc("CV", iters = 3)
r = resample("classif.lda", iris.task, rdesc)
On Linux or Mac OS X, you may want to use
`parallelStartMulticore` (`parallelMap::parallelStart()`) instead.
# Parallelization levels
We offer different parallelization levels for fine grained control over the parallelization.
E.g., if you do not want to parallelize the `benchmark()` function because it has only very few iterations but want to parallelize the resampling (`resample()`) of each learner instead, you can specifically pass the `level` `"mlr.resample"` to the `parallelStart*` (`parallelMap::parallelStart()`)
Currently the following levels are supported:
For further details please see the `parallelization()` documentation page.
# Custom learners and parallelization
If you have implemented a [custom learner yourself](create_learner.html){target="_blank"}, locally, you currently need to export this to the slave.
So if you see an error after calling, e.g., a parallelized version of `resample()` like this:
no applicable method for 'trainLearner' applied to an object of class <my_new_learner>
simply add the following line somewhere after calling `parallelMap::parallelStart()`.
parallelExport("trainLearner.<my_new_learner>", "predictLearner.<my_new_learner>")
# The end
For further details, consult the
[parallelMap tutorial]( and help (`?parallelMap()`).