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Online version of Bischl, B., Sonabend, R., Kotthoff, L., & Lang, M. (Eds.). (2024). "Applied Machine Learning Using mlr3 in R". CRC Press.


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Repository to build the free, online version of Applied Machine Learning Using mlr3 in R using quarto. You can buy a print copy of the book here - all profits from the book will go to the mlr organisation to support future maintenance and development of the mlr universe.

Read the book

You can read the rendered version of the book in either:

Render the book

To render the book yourself, follow these steps:

  1. Clone this repository (
  2. Install Quarto >=1.3.283 if needed
  3. Run make serve to render the book to HTML and preview on a local server or make pdf to render to PDF (other options are available and documented in the Makefile), note we use xelatex for rendering to PDF

Contributing to the book

If you are making changes to the book please note the following:

  • Our style guide is provided here in the introduction
  • Where possible, figures in the HTML book should be svgs and figures in the PDF should be pdf. These should be included with knitr::include_graphics() or ideally with include_multi_graphics().

When (non-trivial) changes and corrections are made to chapters that are are included in the first published edition of this book, these changes should be documented in the Errata appendix. When adding new chapters to the book not present in the published version, these should be marked as Online Only in their title. For such newly added chapters that are in early stages and have not been rigorously edited and reviewed, these should be additionally marked as being a Draft.

  • If you add a new package dependency to the book, please follow the following steps to update the lockfile:
    • Start an R session in the book/ directory
    • Activate the project with renv::activate()
    • Restore the project environment with renv::restore()
    • Run renv::install() to install the new package
    • Update the Lockfile with renv::snapshot()
    • Commit book/renv.lock with your changes and create a pull request.


Online version of Bischl, B., Sonabend, R., Kotthoff, L., & Lang, M. (Eds.). (2024). "Applied Machine Learning Using mlr3 in R". CRC Press.







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