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This packages provides a template for adding new learners for mlr3.

Creating the actual learners is covered in the mlr3book. This package serves as a starting point for learners to share with others.


This repository is a minimal working package with the randomForest learner. Fork this repository and adapt the code to your learner.

Rename Files

Rename the following files to suit your learner:

  • R/LearnerClassifRandomForest.R
  • tests/testthat/test_classif_randomForest.R

(For regression use the prefix "Regr" instead of "Classif". For example learners see

Edit R/Learner[YourLearner].R

  • Adapt the documentation to suit your learner.
  • Adapt names and the package, learner properties, etc. This is outlined in the book
  • Adapt R/zzz.R. The code in the .onLoad function is executed on package load and adds the learner to the mlr_learners dictionary.
  • Name your package and GitHub repository mlr3learners.<CRAN_package_name>

Test Your Learner

If you run devtools::load_all() the function run_autotest() is available in your global environment. The autotest query the learner for its properties to create a custom test suite of tasks for it. Make sure that at least the following is executed in the unit test tests/testthat/test_classif_your_learner.R (adept names to your learner):

learner = LearnerClassifRanger$new()
result = run_autotest(learner)
expect_true(result, info = result$error)

Check your package

If this runs, your learner should be fine:

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