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List of additional learners not shipped with mlr3/mlr3learners

Fully implemented

mlr3 package upstream package package functions CI Status
mlr3learners.extratrees extraTrees extraTrees Build Status
mlr3learners.fnn FNN knn Build Status
mlr3learners.mboost mboost gamboost glmboost Build Status

Awaits review

These learners are working but need to be reviewed. Note that you probably have to switch the branch to get the latest release.

mlr3 package upstream package package functions
mlr3learners.gbm gbm gbm
mlr3learners.liblinear LiblineaR LiblineaR earth earth
mlr3learners.randomForest randomForest randomForest
mlr3learners.dbarts dbarts bart

In progress

mlr3 package upstream package package functions
mlr3learner.ctree partykit ctree
mlr3learners.ksvm kernlab ksvm
mlr3learners.Rborist Rborist Rborist
mlr3learners.countglm stats glm
mlr3learners.lightgbm lightgbm lgb.train,


It is possible to have a CRAN-like installation via install.packages() by installing the learners from mlr3learners.drat.

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