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mlr3misc 0.10.0

  • Added helper get_private().
  • Added helper recycle_vectors().
  • Added helpers walk(), iwalk() and pwalk().

mlr3misc 0.9.5

  • Added helper deframe().

mlr3misc 0.9.4

  • Added helper capitalize().
  • Added helper to_decimal().
  • Fixed cleanup in register_namespace_callback().

mlr3misc 0.9.3

  • New (internal) helper functions: calculate_hash() and assert_ro_binding()

mlr3misc 0.9.2

  • R6 objects retrieved from the dictionary are now properly cloned.

mlr3misc 0.9.1

  • Fixed compilation for R versions older than 3.5.0 (#59).

mlr3misc 0.9.0

  • Changed return type of reorder_vector().
  • Added assertions in pmap() to avoid a segfault (#56).
  • Added count_missing().

mlr3misc 0.8.0

  • New function reorder_vector().
  • formulate() can now quote all terms, defaulting to quote all terms on the right hand side.

mlr3misc 0.7.0

  • Make more map functions work nicely with data frames and data tables.
  • formulate() now supports multiple LHS terms.
  • Added format_bib() and cite_bib() helpers for working with bibentires and roxygen2.

mlr3misc 0.6.0

  • New argument .timeout for invoke().
  • New argument .timeout for encapsulate().
  • Removed cite_bib() and Rd macro \cite{} and removed orphaned package bibtex from suggests.
  • New argument quietly for require_namespaces().
  • New function crate() to cleanly separate a function from its environment.
  • New function register_namespace_callback().

mlr3misc 0.5.0

  • Added compose() function for function composition.
  • Added method leanify_package() that shrinks the size of serialized R6 objects.

mlr3misc 0.4.0

  • Added helper functions to assist in generating Rd documentation for 'mlr3' objects.

mlr3misc 0.3.0

  • Introduced a placeholder for column name prefixes in unnest().

mlr3misc 0.2.0

  • Fixed an issue with rcbind() for columns of x named y (#42).
  • Fixed broken on.exit() in invoke() if both a seed and a list of options were provided.

mlr3misc 0.1.8

  • New function check_packages_installed().
  • New function open_help().

mlr3misc 0.1.7

  • map_dtr(), imap_dtr() and pmap_dtr() now pass .idcol down to argument idcol of data.table::rbindlist().
  • cite_bib() can now handle packages with multiple citation entries.
  • Added argument wrap to catf(), messagef(), warningf() and stopf() to wrap the respective messages to a customizable width.
  • Added with_package() helper, similar to the one in package withr.

mlr3misc 0.1.6

  • cite_bib() or Rd macro \cite{} can now return the citation information of the package if key is set to "pkg::citation".
  • Updated dictionary helpers.

mlr3misc 0.1.5

  • Fixed error in C code discovered by UBSAN checks on CRAN.
  • Added dictionary_sugar_mget().
  • Renamed dictionary_sugar() to dictionary_sugar_get().
  • Added function cite_bib() and Rd macro \cite{} to insert entries from bibtex files into roxygen documentation.
  • unnest() now creates list columns for non atomic list elements.

mlr3misc 0.1.4

  • Added argument na_rm to which_max() and which_min().
  • Fixed a bug in as_short_string() for empty atomic vectors.

mlr3misc 0.1.3

  • New function detect().
  • New function dictionary_sugar().
  • It is now asserted that the return value of Dictionary$get() is an R6 object.
  • Fix some assertions in Dictionary

mlr3misc 0.1.2

  • New function named_vector().
  • New function keep_in_bounds().
  • New function set_col_names().
  • New function distinct_values().
  • Added argument .key to rowwise_table().
  • Additional arguments passed to Dictionary$get() and Dictionary$mget() must now be named.

mlr3misc 0.1.1

  • New function encapsulate() to call functions while recording a log.
  • invoke(): New arguments .opts and .seed to temporarily set options or random seeds, respectively.
  • Fixed warnings about partial argument matching.

mlr3misc 0.1.0

  • Initial release.