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drat repository for mlr3learners
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drat package repository for the mlr3learners.drat project.
Install mlr3 learners from this repository using

install.packages(..., repos = "")

To omit having to pass the repos argument every single time, add the following to your .Rprofile:

options(repos = structure(c(getOption("repos"),
  mlr3learners = "")))

This will append this drat repo to your list of available repositories which install.packages() will check when trying to install a package. If you want a c/p command for this: The following will append the line above to your ~/.Rprofile:

write("options(repos = structure(c(getOption('repos'),
  mlr3learners = '')))",
  file = "~/.Rprofile", append = TRUE)

With this, you are able to install any learner from the mlr3learners organization as simple as


Available packages

List of all available learners in this organization

## [1] "mlr3learners.extratrees" "mlr3learners.fnn"       
## [3] "mlr3learners.ksvm"       "mlr3learners.mboost"

How it works

The package sources of the listed packages (including binaries for macOS and Windows) are build during a CI run (once a week) and automatically deployed to this repo. The work behind the scenes is highly simplified by packages {tic} and {drat}.

How to add a mlr3learner to {mlr3learners.drat}

  1. Enable the learner on both Travis CI and Appveyor CI
  • travis::travis_enable(endpoint = ".org")
  • Manual activation for Appveyor CI
  1. Add tic.R and CI YAML files. Simplified by using

    tic::use_tic(wizard = FALSE, mac = "none", deploy = "travis", 
      travis_endpoint = ".org", travis_private_key_name = "id_rsa")
  2. Add do_drat("mlr3learners/mlr3learners.drat") to tic.R

  3. Create a SSH key pair to enable deployment for the Appveyor build (which creates the Windows binaries). Unfortunately reusing the same key pair on Appveyor leads to random authentication errors.

    key <- openssl::rsa_keygen()

    Encode the private key by going to the mlr3learners Appveyor CI account Account -> Encrypt YAML. Copy the encoded key as environment variable “id_rsa” into appveyor.yml. Have a look at other learners if you need help. The public key needs to be added to {mlr3learner.drat} via Settings -> Deploy key.

  4. Go to Travis CI (org) (travis::browse_travis(endpoint = ".org")) and delete the “id_rsa” env var. Unfortunately Travis CI does not support encrypting SSH private keys via the CLI tool. Therefore, two options exist:

    1. Ping @pat-s to add the private key which is also used for other mlr3learners repo to your repo as secure env var (preferred to have only one key stored in the repo).
    2. Create a new SSH key pair (you can use the same one that you created for Appveyor). Add the private key as a secure env var “id_rsa” to Travis CI (travis::set_env_var()). Then add the public key to {mlr3learners.drat}.
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