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Commits on Sep 13, 2011
  1. @NotFound

    update winxed snapshot to 0de3efd454

    NotFound committed
    - option -X
Commits on Sep 12, 2011
  1. @cotto

    Merge pull request #154 from dafrito/pod-simple-upgrade

    cotto committed
    Upgrade Parrot's Pod::Simple to latest upstream
  2. @NotFound

    tiny optimizations in frontend:

    NotFound committed
    compreg PIR only if used
    get the interp at the points of use instead of passing around
    use an auxiliar function to avoid leaving temporaries alive in
    the exception handler context when calling main
  3. @NotFound
  4. @leto
  5. @NotFound

    update winxed snapshot to 3ff9e4b6ee (allowtailcall modifier in try)

    NotFound committed
    revert changes to parrot frontend from cd7b163 and use the new modifier instead
  6. @NotFound
Commits on Sep 11, 2011
  1. @NotFound

    update winxed snapshot to a1b000203c:

    NotFound committed
    - HLL fixes and improvements
    - --debug option, __DEBUG__ predefined constant and __ASSERT__ builtin
    - Minor fixes
  2. @plobsing

    [codingstd] linelength

    plobsing committed
  3. @plobsing

    [codingstd] c_arg_assert

    plobsing committed
  4. @plobsing

    kill interp->current_pf

    plobsing committed
    interp->current_pf and interp->code are not independant pieces of execution
    context data - both are used to indicate the code we are currently running.
    When these become de-synched (example: TT #2191), strange things happen.
    Whenever interp->current_pf would have been used, use
    Parrot_pf_{get,set}_current_packfile(), which now operates using interp->code.
  5. @plobsing
  6. @plobsing

    kill unused struct

    plobsing committed
Commits on Sep 9, 2011
  1. @jkeenan
Commits on Sep 8, 2011
  1. @chromatic

    [PCC] Set arg_flags on CallContext directly.

    chromatic committed
    This avoids a vtable call and a STRING comparison in the common case, and
    should not harm subclassing at all. This ought to improve performance of
    external calls by a modest amount.
  2. @chromatic

    [GC] Rearranged code in pool allocator.

    chromatic committed
    This is a tiny simplification which should give a very modest performance
  3. @chromatic

    [OO] Added object attribute storage initialization.

    chromatic committed
    This presized cache avoids the need to allocate (and re-allocate) storage for
    object attributes on access. It's a small improvement until a unified
    object-and-storage strategy exists.
  4. @chromatic

    [opsc] Added fixed-width transcoding to opsc.

    chromatic committed
    Where this is possible, it speeds up opsc on one benchmark by 35%, at the
    expense of a one-time transcoding cost. As our .ops files are primarily ASCII
    and only theoretically Latin-1, this is a huge improvement.
  5. @chromatic

    [Pmc2c] Replaced a string with a constant string.

    chromatic committed
    This is a tiny bit of bookkeeping I noticed on the way to something better.
  6. @leto
  7. @leto

    Update manifest

    leto committed
  8. @leto
  9. @leto

    Markdownify toos/dev/README

    leto committed
  10. @tadzik

    Get rid of superfluous context creation in Parrot_pcc_invoke_from_sig…

    tadzik committed
    …_object. Patch courtesy of mls++
  11. @chromatic

    [oo] Made the class attribute cache an INTVAL hash.

    chromatic committed
    This avoids allocating Integer PMCs when caching attribute indices and avoids
    the need to extract INTVALs from said PMCs when looking up attributes. Clearly
    this is an improvement.
  12. @chromatic

    [oo] Removed an (unused?) attribute cache.

    chromatic committed
    As far as I can tell, this never worked and never should have worked and was
    probably copy and paste code someone (probably me) never finished. Getting rid
    of it allows for more interesting possibilities.
  13. @chromatic

    [OO] Optimized get_attrib_index slightly.

    chromatic committed
    Avoiding unnecessary work along this hot path improves performance.
  14. @chromatic

    [ctx] Made init_context tailcallable.

    chromatic committed
    This modest optimization is in a PCC hot path. A decent optimizing C compiler
    should shave off a few assembly instructions. As a bonus, it makes our C source
    code shorter and simpler.
  15. @chromatic

    [PCC] Rearranged CS switching code slightly.

    chromatic committed
    I think it's clearer this way.
  16. @chromatic

    [PCC] Optimized CS switching invoke.

    chromatic committed
    These checks can go away with threading system improvements, but avoiding this
    function call which is almost always a do-nothing gives a modest performance
    improvement to the default case of Sub's invoke.
  17. @leto
  18. @chromatic

    Optimized register allocation slightly.

    chromatic committed
    When there's no need to allocate register memory, waste no time not
    initializing the non-allocated registers.
  19. @chromatic
  20. @chromatic

    [PMC] Improved autobox_intval performance.

    chromatic committed
    Avoiding the switch where there's no need to autobox is in fact significant in
    this hot path.
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