@alexcpsec alexcpsec released this Apr 27, 2015 · 5 commits to master since this release

Assets 2

Bugfix release, and also making it easier to install and use the system with Venv and Docker procedures. Special thanks to @krmaxwell who seems to have done all the work

  • Updating the regex used for hostname capture on Thresher. Will be further updated on v0.2 (#131)
  • Sources update:
    • Updating PalevoTracker location and removing Spyeye tracker (#123)
    • Updating MaxMind local dataset to March 2015
    • Adding Feodo Abuse.ch tracker
    • Ajusted Wiki to current Threat Intelligence feeds (#71)
  • Docker file and usage guide (#117)
  • Instalation documentation using Python venv (#115)
  • Minor cleanup on gitignore and other files (#109)
  • Correct enrichment of FQDN indicators - it extracts all the related IPv4s and enriches them further (#36)
  • Added contributing document to repository (#127)