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Shotcut - a free, open source, cross-platform video editor



Binaries are regularly built and are available at, on the Download page.



Shotcut's direct (linked or hard runtime) dependencies are:

  • MLT: multimedia authoring framework
  • Qt 5: application and UI framework
  • FFmpeg: multimedia format and codec libraries
  • Frei0r: video plugins
  • SDL: cross-platform audio playback

See for a more complete list including indirect and bundled dependencies.



How to build

Warning: building shotcut should only be reserved to beta testers or contributors who know what they are doing.

Qt Creator

The fastest way to build and try Shotcut development version is probably using Qt Creator.

To make this easier, we provide SDKs on the web site with each release that includes Shotcut and all of its dependencies. These SDK pages also include setup instructions and tips on how to compile MLT and other dependencies after updating.

From command line

First, check dependencies are satisfied and various paths correctly set to find different libraries and include files (Qt 5, MLT, frei0r and so forth).

Build Makefile:

qmake PREFIX=/usr/local/

Compile shotcut:

make -j8
make install

If you do not make install Shotcut will fail when you run it because it cannot locate its QML files. If you want to run shotcut from a build folder without installing you can make a symbolic link to the qml folder. It depends on where you build folder is, but assuming it is a sibling of the source tree folder:

cd build
mkdir -p share/shotcut 
cd share/shotcut
ln -s ../../../shotcut/src/qml


If you want to translate Shotcut to another language, please use Transifex.