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@ddennedy ddennedy released this Jun 4, 2019 · 23 commits to master since this release


  • Fixed deleting the project file if there was a save error.
  • Fixed reliability of Settings > Display Method > Software on Windows.
  • Fixed Crop: Source filter not working with Color clip.
  • Fixed using filters on Color Bars and other generator clips.
  • Fixed audio filters (Compressor, Expander, Limiter, Notch, Reverb) broken on comma for decimal.
  • Fixed alpha video opaque on gaps in Timeline.
  • Fixed Convert/Reverse if there no audio track.
  • Fixed Measure Video Quality broken.
  • Fixed saving the app directory in XML.
  • Fixed Alpha: Adjust > Invert checkbox on reload.
  • Fixed color eye-dropper (picker) error.
  • Fixed audio Pan filter channel resets on reload.


  • Changed project file to use period for decimal point regardless of OS locale (region/language setting).
    This applies to new projects only. Old projects load and run same as before including saving.
  • Improved speed of opening animated GIF.
  • Changed Export > From to show Source instead of base file name.
  • Improved Export Job progress and estimated time remaining.
  • Changed Timeline ruler interval to 5 seconds.
  • Renamed video filter Circular Frame to Crop: Circle.
  • Renamed video filter Crop to Crop: Source.
  • Renamed video filter Text to Text: Simple.
  • Renamed video filter 3D Text to Text: 3D.
  • Renamed video filter Overlay HTML to Text: HTML.
  • Renamed video filter Blur to Blur: Box.
  • Renamed Reduce Noise video filter to Reduce Noise: Smart Blur.
  • Changed the default for Settings > Display Method back to DirectX on Windows.
  • Changed maximum duration of Color, Text, and Color Bars clips to 4 hours.
  • Added Jobs to the main toolbar.
  • Reordered panel buttons on main toolbar to match View menu.


  • Added View > Show Text Under Icons to menu.
  • Added View > Show Small Icons to menu.
  • Added support for alpha channel to Crop: Circle.
  • Added Crop: Rectangle video filter with support for alpha channel.
  • Added Add Keyframe button in Keyframes (only on parameters that show a curve UI).
  • Added Ripple All button to Timeline toolbar.
  • Added keyboard shortcuts Ctrl+0-9 to toggle the panels.
  • Added Alt 0/+/- shortcuts to adjust the zoom in Keyframes.
  • Added a vertical Flip video filter.
  • Added Blur: Exponential video filter (fast and bleeds to edges).
  • Added Blur: Low Pass video filter (fast and bleeds to edges).
  • Added Blur: Gaussian video filter (slow and bleeds to edges).
  • Added Reduce Noise: HQDN3D video filter.
  • Added Noise: Fast video filter.
  • Added Noise: Keyframes video filter.
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