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@ddennedy ddennedy released this Jul 7, 2019 · 16 commits to master since this release

  • Fixed Timer video filter shows incorrect decimals.
  • Fixed clips that become INVALID were saved as uneditable text clips.
  • Fixed a crash in Wave video filter.
  • Fixed a crash when changing clip Speed to something very low.
  • Added a status message at the start of opening a project.
  • Fixed long Projects folder path in the New Project view.
  • Fixed the temporary backup file is empty when saving MLT XML.
  • Fixed saving existing project on Dropbox gives an error.
  • Fixed advanced keyframes were removed when trimming.
  • Fixed loading the frame rate from an export preset.
  • Added a drop-down of common frame rates to Export and Custom Video Mode.
  • Added a dialog to ask if the standard, fractional frame rate was intended in Export and Custom Video Mode.
  • Added HD 1080p 50 fps video mode.
  • Fixed multiple Stabilize video filter analysis jobs may try to write to the same .stab file.
  • Changed Average Bitrate for libopus audio codec to set vbr to constrained.
  • Changed Crop: Source to use the source clip's resolution as maximum for parameters.
  • Fixed reported timecode of failed Export job if (Frames/sec is not 25 or not changed in Advanced > Video).
  • Fixed incorrect audio waveform after Undo after insert/paste into Timeline.
  • Fixed filters added to a clip with a transition are not the correct length and not active during the transition.
  • Changed the Convert to Edit-friendly and Reverse "better" option from ProRes to DNxHR, which is faster and supports both 8- and 10-bit.
  • Improved full range handling in Convert to Edit-friendly and Reverse by respecting an override in Properties > Color Range and converting to 10-bit limited range when the format/codec does not handle full range (DNxHR, FFV1).
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