A simple PHP MVC framework using Smarty for templates
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Simple PHP MVC Framework (sipMVC)

What is this?

sipMVC is a simple PHP-based MVC framework.


  • /config Contains all configuration files. The configuration is stored in XML files. Currently if you want to use a configuration file other than the default ones you need to edit models/config.inc.php to make it read the file(s). A fix for this is forthcoming.
  • /controllers This is where controllers go, they should inherit from the base Controller class.
  • /models For all model classes
  • /smarty/templates Put your Smarty templates in this directory
  • /Smarty Included Smarty installation

URL and controller anatomy

A normal URL to a view in sipMVC looks something like this: http://example.com/controller/action/arg1/val1/arg2/val2/[...]

Each action is defined as a function in your controller, the default action if one is not specified is the index action, the method for this action is indexAction().

If you want to add other actions to your controllers you just name the methods accordingly. That is, the name of your method should be the name of your action followed by Action.

To access arguments you can use the Controllers_Controller::getArg($argument) method.


Models in sipMVC are fairly barebones, while there is an abstract parent 'Model' class it currently contains nothing of value, at all.

The models that come with sipMVC are very few:

  • Config Handles configuration files, reading from XML files and such things.
  • ControllerFactory Used by the dispatcher to load controllers.
  • ResourceManager Used for database connections and config objects by default but can be extended to handle other things.

Building your own sites

sipMVC is of course meant to be used to quickly deploy your own sites.

The first thing you'll want to do is probably to replace the default templates with your own pages.