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sms-cli :: command line SMS sender
sms-cli is a configurable command line SMS sending tool, useful
for sending text messages for instance from scripts.
No stable releases have been published so far. To use sms-cli
simply check-out the code from GitHub:
git clone
Basic usage is very simple:
~ $ sms-cli --recipient +123-456-7890 --message "Some message :)"
INFO: SMS(Clickatell) sent to 1234567890 with ID: 9a8353aad0cb29
The message can be sent to more than one recipient at the same
time, just use more --recipient (or -r) parameters.
sms-cli can support a number of SMS gateways by way of "engines".
At this moment the supported gateways / operators are:
* Clickatell -
* MessageMedia -
* SMS Global -
Copy the example sms-cli.conf.template file to $HOME/.sms-cli.conf
and fill in the access details for your operator. When using multiple
operators configure each in their appropriate section and then use
sms-cli with --profile option to select one. When no profile is
requested the [default] section will be used.
Development and contributions
To contribute new engines simply "fork" the source repository on
GitHub, do your development and then send a "merge request" to
push your changes back to the main tree.
Start here:
If in doubt contact the sms-cli author and maintainer:
Michal Ludvig <>