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sms-cli can support a number of SMS gateways by way of "engines".
-At this moment the only supported gateway is Clickatell - south
-african operator that can send txts worldwide.
-Configuration - Clickatell
-Put this to your $HOME/.sms-cli.conf file:
- [default]
- engine="Clickatell"
- url_pattern = ""
-Replace APIID, USERNAME and PASSWORD with the values of your
-Clickatell account. Check out the Clickatell HTTP API
-documentation for more available options, e.g. for setting
-SenderID, delivery report callback, etc.
+At this moment the supported gateways / operators are:
+* Clickatell -
+* MessageMedia -
+* SMS Global -
+Copy the example sms-cli.conf.template file to $HOME/.sms-cli.conf
+and fill in the access details for your operator. When using multiple
+operators configure each in their appropriate section and then use
+sms-cli with --profile option to select one. When no profile is
+requested the [default] section will be used.
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