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Command line SMS sender
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sms-cli :: command line SMS sender

sms-cli is a configurable command line SMS sending tool, useful
for sending text messages for instance from scripts.

No stable releases have been published so far. To use sms-cli
simply check-out the code from GitHub:
  git clone

Basic usage is very simple:

  ~ $ sms-cli --recipient +123-456-7890 --message "Some message :)"
  INFO: SMS(Clickatell) sent to 1234567890 with ID: 9a8353aad0cb29

The message can be sent to more than one recipient at the same
time, just use more --recipient (or -r) parameters.

sms-cli can support a number of SMS gateways by way of "engines".

At this moment the only supported gateway is Clickatell - south
african operator that can send txts worldwide.

Configuration - Clickatell
Put this to your $HOME/.sms-cli.conf file:
  sms_url_pattern = ""
Replace APIID, USERNAME and PASSWORD with the values of your
Clickatell account. Check out the Clickatell HTTP API
documentation for more available options, e.g. for setting
SenderID, delivery report callback, etc.

Development and contributions
To contribute new engines simply "fork" the source repository on
GitHub, do your development and then send a "merge request" to
push your changes back to the main tree.

Start here:

If in doubt contact the sms-cli author and maintainer:
  Michal Ludvig <>

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