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- internal: decluttering of base module / outhousing of classes and methods
- no cropping for scale possible
- project management globally acessible through base functions
- a quick-thresholding method in marked area for single images
- object_finder returns histogram of length, area and grayscale of all objects
- scale_maker is initialized empty to return scale object, that can either draw or detect scales and return mask objects (tuple of 3)
Known bugs
- high GUI / windows sometimes crash. Stop Kernel and use "cv2.destroyAllWindows()"
- "scale_maker" can return now has attribute "mask_obj" to pass on to "object_finder" (tuple of 3)
- missing "filetypes" argument in "project_finder" help
- default value for "factor in "scale.detect"
- integration with opencv-contrib-python==
- tracking functionality added, integration with trackpy
- testing environment in place, integration with pytest
- initialize classes directly with image
- tutorials included for basic python (1) and object finding (2)
Known bugs:
- base "fillyPoly" sometimes breaks - culprit numpy datatype?
- base.polygon_maker "include=False" excludes everything
- functions take numpy array in addition to string with path to image
- bugfix: opencv-contrib-python version 3.*
- object_finder functions streamlined and "skeletonize" algorithm added
- better documentation with docstrings
- docstring integration with sphinx
- __init__ rework for sphinx integration
- first release to pypi
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