An iOS app that displays photos from your photo library taken on a particular day in history.
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An iOS app that displays photos from your photo library taken on a particular day in history. Memories is a fully featured app including a Today View extension, a way for the user to Rate the app or contact the developer from the settings screen, and an In-App purchase to unlock certain features.

Memories uses icon images from the Essence collection by Icons & Coffee, who hold the copyright to the images. They are provided in this repo with permission from Icons & Coffee.

Downloading the code

Clone the repo: git clone

You will need Xcode 9.0 to build the app as it is entirely written in Swift 4.0. The project uses Carthage as a dependency manager, so you will need that too.

One you have installed Carthage run carthage update in the project root (where the Cartfile is). This will download and build the dependencies into the Carthage directory.

Getting started

Open Memories.xcodeproj in Xcode. Build and run! The iOS simulator only has a handful of photos pre-installed. If you want to test with more photos from different dates you can add photos the the simulator's photo library by just dragging and dropping them into the simulator window.


This project is a fully featured app developed by myself (Michael Brown) and available in the Apple iOS App Store, and includes a freemium business model by the way of restricted features that are unlocked through an In-App purchase. As such I don't expect to receive a significant number of community contributions. I've opted to develop this project in the open from now on partly as an experiment and partly to give more visibility to the work I do on evenings and weekends.

However, don't hesitate to send me a pull request if there's something you think needs improving.