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Vue-Gesture is a simple Vue.js gesture events plugin. It runs now under Vue.js 2, which comes from a fork, to see here: The old version for Vue.js 1 is not longer available. See the example for how to use this plugin, simply it's now a component and not a directive anymore. There are a bunches of arguments you can use, i.e. tap, swipe, touchstart etc. When you are in the use of the PC,"tap, longtap, touchstart" will automatically be converted to "click".

  • tap — fires when the element is tapped.
  • doubleTap — this pair of events can be used to detect double taps on the same element
  • longTap — fires when an element is tapped and the finger is held down for more than 750ms.
  • swipe, swipeLeft, swipeRight, swipeUp, swipeDown — fires when an element is swiped
  • touchstart touchmove touchend click- These equivalent to touch the primary event



The updated version is available through npm as vue2-gesture. So simply run npm install vue2-gesture. Then you can use it as follows:

// You may use: 
  window.Vue = Vue;
 var VueGesture = require('vue2-gesture')

Direct include

You can also directly include it with a <script> tag when you have Vue already included globally. It will automatically install itself, and will add a global vueGesture.


Using the vue-gesture component

WARNING: You may have to use <vue2-gesture> if you installed the npm version

You can add a single event with the type parameter or you add a set of events with the types parameter which is a javascript array.

 <vue-gesture :type="'touchstart'"  :call="handleComponent.bind(this,'touchstart')" >touchstart</vue-gesture>
  <vue-gesture :type="'touchmove'"  :call="handleComponent.bind(this,'touchmove')" ><i>touchmove</i></vue-gesture>
  <vue-gesture :type="'touchend'"  :call="handleComponent.bind(this,'touchend')" >touchend</vue-gesture>
  <vue-gesture :type="'doubletap'"  :call="handleComponent.bind(this,'doubletap')">doubleTap</vue-gesture>
  <vue-gesture :type="'tap'"  :call="handleComponent.bind(this,'tap')">tap</vue-gesture>
  <vue-gesture :type="'longTap'"  :call="handleComponent.bind(this,'longTap')">longTap</vue-gesture>
  <vue-gesture :type="'swipe'"  :call="handleComponent.bind(this,'swipe')">swipe</vue-gesture>
  <vue-gesture :type="'swipeLeft'"  :call="handleComponent.bind(this,'swipeLeft')">swipeLeft</vue-gesture>
  <vue-gesture :type="'swipeRight'"  :call="handleComponent.bind(this,'swipeRight')">swipeRight</vue-gesture>
  <vue-gesture :type="'swipeUp'"  :call="handleComponent.bind(this,'swipeUp')">swipeUp</vue-gesture>
  <vue-gesture :type="'swipeDown'"  :call="handleComponent.bind(this,'swipeDown')">swipeDown</vue-gesture>
  <vue-gesture :type="'click'"  :call="handleComponent.bind(this,'click')">click</vue-gesture>
  <vue-gesture :types="['swipeDown','click']"   :call="handleComponent.bind(this,'EVENT')" >swipeDown and click</vue-gesture>

Where handleComponent is a method in your Vue.js web-application. handleComponent should understand this two parameters:

handleComponent: function(str,e){
           // str is the second input, like 'longTap', 'touchmove', 
           // there you can pass some information to the handler 
           // e is the element itself, you may use it or not
           var html = e.srcElement.innerHTML;
           e.srcElement.innerHTML=html+" "+str;


A simpler way to handle vue-gesture events have been provided by @sjoerdloeve and uses this syntax:

<vue-gesture :type="'tap'" :call="() => { changeProperty = true}" >tap</vue-gesture>

Where the type, of course, is changeable.

Configuring Recognizer Options

There are two ways to customize recognizer options such as direction and threshold. The first one is setting global options:

// change the config
vueGesture.config = {
  maxSingleTapTimeInterval: 200

Registering Custom Events

See /example for a multi-event demo. To build it, run npm install && npm run build.




touch events plugin for Vue.js.You can v-gesture directive,and directive auguments can use a tap, swipe, etc






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