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Gentoo QA Scripts

This repository contains a collection of various qa scripts for gentoo ebuild repositories. Results of the these scripts can be seen on

This scripts tries to find unused patches by creating a list of files from the files directory and tries to find them in ebuilds. In order to improve its finding rates it also replaces Variable like ${P},${PV},${PN} and other variations. Further more it also creates lists of possible Name variation in order to find patches which are written like following: epatch foo-bar-{patch1,patch2,patch3}.patch However this has limitations and won't find every case. Lastly it also tries to find files and patches which are used in ebuilds by calling them via an asterisk ('*'), like: epatch ${FILESDIR}/*.patch


Following Structures can't be found yet and will give a false positive:

  • Usage of special vars which are not included in the script: epatch foo-bar-${MY_VERS}.patch
  • Usage of patching via eclasses: In this case not the ebuild uses the file, but the eclass. For example: apache-module do that. However we exclude most of the beforehand.
  • Usage for loops like:
for i in name1 name2 name3; do
	epatch foo-bar-$i.patch
  • False negative can also occur if the filename is the same as the package name.
  • Directories under the files directory will be ignored (for now)

Repostats generates statistics about repos. Following statistics are generated:

  • ebuild_eapi_statistics: EAPI usage in repo
  • ebuild_live_statistics: lists all live 9999 ebuids
  • ebuild_eclass_statistics: eclass usage among ebuilds
  • ebuild_licenses_statistics: license usage among ebuilds
  • ebuild_keywords_statistics: keyword usage among ebuilds
  • ebuild_virtual_use_statistics: virtual/* usage among ebuilds
  • ebuild_obsolete_eapi: lists all ebuilds which have an obsolete EAPI
  • ebuild_cleanup_candidates: lists ebuilds which are candidates to cleanup
  • ebuild_stable_candidates: lists ebuilds which are candidates for stabilization
  • ebuild_glep81_group_statistics: app-group/* usage among ebuilds
  • ebuild_glep81_user_statistics: app-user/* usage among ebuilds

This is the main qa script which contains most of the checks. For following checks are being made:

  • ebuild_trailing_whitespaces: checks for trailing whitespaces in ebuilds
  • ebuild_obsolete_gentoo_mirror_usage: checks for mirror://gentoo usage in ebuilds
  • ebuild_epatch_in_eapi6: checks for epatch usage in EAPI 6 ebuilds
  • ebuild_dohtml_in_eapi6: checks for dohtml usage in EAPI 6 ebuids
  • ebuild_description_over_80: checks if DESCRIPTION is longer then 80 chars
  • ebuild_variables_in_homepages: checks if HOMEPAGE contains variables
  • ebuild_insecure_git_uri_usage: checks for git:// usage
  • ebuild_deprecated_eclasses: lists ebuilds which uses deprecated eclasses
  • ebuild_leading_trailing_whitespaces_in_variables: checks for leading / trailing whitespaces in certain variables
  • ebuild_multiple_deps_per_line: lists ebuilds which have multiple dependencies in on line
  • ebuild_nonexist_dependency: checks for dependencies which doesn't exists
  • ebuild_obsolete_virtual: lists virtuals which has effective only on consumer left
  • ebuild_missing_eclasses: lists ebuilds which are missing eclasses
  • ebuild_unused_eclasses: lists ebuilds who inherit eclasses which are not needed
  • ebuild_missing_eclasses_fatal: lists ebuilds which are missing eclasses and are not inherited indirectly
  • ebuild_homepage_upstream_shutdown: lists ebuilds who have a HOMEPAGE to a know shutdown service
  • ebuild_homepage_unsync: lists packages who have different HOMEPAGE among ebuilds
  • ebuild_missing_zip_dependency: lists ebuilds which misses app-arch/unzip dependency
  • ebuild_src_uri_offline: lists ebuilds who's upstream SRC_URI is unavailable and are the ebuild has mirror restricted enabled
  • ebuild_unused_patches_simple: simple check for unused patches
  • ebuild_insecure_pkg_post_config: lists ebuilds who use ch{mod,own} -R in pkg_config or pkg_postinst
  • ebuild_insecure_init_scripts: lists ebuilds who use ch{mod,own} -R in init scripts

For a detailed explanation of each check please refer to the descriptions in the scripts.

This script tries to get the http statuscode of every homepage of the HOMEPAGE variable. This script is more usefull if the script_mode is enabled as it will multiple lists of the result. These a sorted after maintainer, httpcode, package and a special filter. Further more homepages which reply with a 301 statuscode (redirect) will be saved in special lists which checks the redirected page again.

This script checks if the SRC_URI links are available. It generates 3 return values. Available and not_available are obviously. maybe_available will be return when wget gets 403/Forbidden as return code. In that case the download might be still available but doesn't get recognized from wget when it behaves as a spider.

A script which runs 'repoman full' on every package. The result is also filtered by repoman's checks.


This is a template file for new scripts.

This script is used in order to run multiple repositories. It support to run scripts in diffmode in order to only run on packages which were changes since last run.


This python script doesn't take any arguments and just prints every gentoo project and it members.

Simply prints the inheration tree of a particular eclass.

Removes obsolete entries from whitelist files. (used for

Prints functions which can be used by ebuilds.


Following usage will work for every script:

  • Scan the full portage tree: ./ full
  • Scan a whole category: ./ app-admin
  • Scan a single package: ./ app-admin/diradm

There are also a few Variables which can be set, but don't have too. Most importantly are:

  • REPOTREE: Set's the repository path, default is: /usr/portage
  • FILERESULTS: If this is set to true the script will save it's output in files. Default is false
  • RESULTSDIR: This is the directory were the files will be copied if SCRIPT_MODE is enabled. Default is set to ${HOME}/${scriptname}


Most script also have some debugging possibilities. Following variables can be configured:

  • DEBUG: if this is set to true, debugging is enabled
  • DEBUGLEVEL: if unset, the default is set to 1. Changes in Levels:
    • 1 only print basic information, in this case script runs in parallel
    • 2 includes important messages, script runs not in parallel anymore
    • 3 includes non important messages
    • <=4 includes messages from as well.
  • DEBUGFILE: redirects the debug output into a file.


All scripts are free software. You can redistribute it and/or modify it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by the Free Software Foundation; either version 2 of the License, or (at your option) any later version.


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