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2.9 Maintenance release
Several fixes related with security, and therefore not detailed here.
C++ compiles now without warnings
Added OSX and clang in travis
Added a travis-ci test matrix for many compilers and OS. Thanks to Thomas Weber (debian) for this great improvement.
testbed can now work with dynamic versions of library
Fixed wrong planar formatters regarding linestride interpretation
2.8 Featured release
Changed ChangeLog direction
Fixed many typos in comments, thanks to Stefan Weil for doing that.
Fixed localization bug, added a new test case crayons.icc thanks to Richard Hughes for providing the profile.
Fixed a bug in optimizer that made some formats (i.e, bits planar) unavailable
Fixed misalignment problems on Alpha. The compiler does not align strings, and accessing begin of string as a uint16 makes code to fail.
Added some extra checks to the tools and examples.
Fixed a bug that prevented to read luminance tag
BIG amount of functionality contributed/Sponsored by Alien Skin Software: TransformStride, copyAlpha, performance plug-ins. Fixes some warnings as well.
Added an extra _ to _stdcall to make it more portable
Fixed a bug in transicc for named color profiles
Fixed several compiler warnings
Added support for Visual Studio 2015
Fixed for XCODE project
2.7 Maintenance release
Added a version retrieval function
Added an option in transicc for working in bounded mode
Fixed wrong handling of extra channels in some formatters.
Added a project for VS2013
Added license for iccjpeg.c
New project for mac
Added a global optimization that merges consecutive matrices in pipelines. Fixes loss of precision in some transforms
Added a flag to clip negative values in unbounded transforms (only gray, rgb, cmyk)
Move unused var suppresor before the `return` statements.
Remove dead code.
Add missing comma in CGATS parser
utils/jpgicc/iccjpeg.c: Fix check if unsigned variable 'total_length'… …
Some maintenance fixes
Remove unused vcproj files
Added a function to retrieve the iohandler of a given profile object
Added a safety check on named color lists
Fixed a macro clash on SNONE.
Fixed a possible segmentation fault in a non-happy path
2.6 Featured release
Added pthread dependency. From now lcms supports multithreading
Fix for delete tag memory corruption
Added directories for tiff, jpeg in configure script
New locking plug-in, from Artifex
Big revamp on Contexts, from Artifex
Fixed memory leaks on error handling
Changed endianness detection for PowerPC
Added a way to retrieve matrix shaper always, no matter LUT is present
Fixed a bug in PCS/Colorspace order when reading V2 Lab devicelinks
Fixed some indexing out of bounds in floating point interpolation
Fixed a double free in recovering from a previous error in default intent handler.
2.5 Maintenance release
Added some checks for non-happy path, mostly failing mallocs
Transform2Devicelink now keeps white point when guessing deviceclass is enabled
Rendering intent used when creating the transform is now propagated to profile header in cmsTransform2Devicelink. This is because 7.2.15 in spec 4.3
Added a simple project for cppcheck
Added support for VS2012
Remove spurious tabs added by git merge of pull request
Fixed a bug in parametric curves
Added some fixes from XhmikosR
Added TIFF Lab16 handling on tifficc
More changes from Artifex
Added identity curves support for write V2 LUT
Added a way to read the profile creator from header
Added a reference for Mac MLU tag
Fixed devicelink generation for 8 bits
Several minor issues found by cppcheck
Several improvements in cgats parser.
Fixed some bugs on floating point curves.
Fixed a bug on big endian platforms not supporting uint64 or long long.
Added error descriptions on cmsSmoothToneCurve
Added new cmsPlugInTHR() and fixed some race conditions (thanks to Artifex)
update black point detection algorithm to reflect ICC changes
Fixed some 64 bit warnings on size_t to uint32 conversions
Fixed a multithead bug on optimization (StageDEF)
RGB profiles using same tone curves for several channels are storing now only one copy of the curve (saves space)
User defined parametric curves can now be saved in ICC profiles.
2.4 Featured release
Added a check for maximum input channels
Fixed an uninitialized read on PatchLUT
Fixed a bug in XYZ floating point PCS
added half float variants (ABGR and so)
Added formatter resolution after xform optimization plugin
Fixed a bug in transicc when clot tables are present
Added a conditional compilatio flag for "half" support
Fixed a bug on named color profiles.
Fixed a typo on tificc and jpgicc names, thanks to Elle Stone for reporting.
Added half float support
Increased security checks, thanks to Mateusz Jurczyk, from Google.
Fixed a bug on IT8 reading of negative numbers.
Fixed a bug on ending zero when saving a IT8 to memory
Internal stage structs are now accessible through plug-in API
Added a new plug-in type
Added getPipelineContextID
Fixed a bug in pipeline duplication
gamma 1.0 can now operate in unbounded mode
Exposed internal overview table for tone curves
Added a new plug in entry for full transform
Added support for transforms on planar data with different stride
Added black point detection algorithm from Adobe paper
Fixed a bug in black preservation checking
Added performance improvements from several contributors, mostly Artifex
Fixed uint64 to work in systems without long long native type
Fixed a bug in the named color devicelink generation
2.3 Maintenance release
Added compatibility with Argyll's CGATS parser
Updated to ICC spec 4.3
Adding a memory alignment macro for CGATS parser
Fixed a bug on the range of data in transicc, when colorant tag is specified
Fixed Absolute colorimetric intent issues
Fixed encoding for floating point tags in Lab/XYZ
Fixed a 0 byte allocation issue in _cmsCreateSubAllocChunk
2.2 Maintenance release
Pascal unit now is supported by Free Pascal Compiler
Fixed a bug on ReadRAWtag
Added dictionary metatag support
Fixed a bug in black preservation and slightly non-monotonic curves
Added named color functionality
Fixed a bug that made crash black preservation on CMYK2CMYK devicelinks
Added functions to retrieve formatters from transforms
Profiles with weird curves are not prone to p`relinearization optimization.
changed memmove to memcpy in cache for xput improvement
Fixed GBD bug (out of bounds memory overwrite)
Fixed some potential issues as NULL dereferencing
Updated linkicc to 2.1, cleanup
Removed pthreads need
Fixed severa bugs in absolute colorimetric intent
2.1 Maintenance release
Added bound check in floating point interpolation
Fixed a bug on curve reversing when source curves have few points
Added Duotone support (Bilinear interpolation)
Fixed delphi interface
linkicc now stores the rendering intent in the profile header
Fixed several integer overflow and other integrity checks, thanks to Chris Evans
Fixed an issue on curve inversion
Fixed memory leaks on when recovering from errors
Fixed a bug in psid and profile sequence tags
Fixed a bug in device link creation on v4 profiles
Fixed a bug in tificc in floating point formats
Peliminary Delphi wrapper
Fixed some typos in error messages
Added cmsTagLinkedTo
Fixed VC2010, VC2008 projects
Added a check on jpgicc for NULL transforms
Added cmsChangeBufferFormat for backwards compatibility
Fixed a bug on Lab + Alpha float formatters, added such predefined formatters as well
Fixed a bug on transicc that made profiles with output colorants info to malfunction
Fixed a bug that prevented linkicc to work
Fixed a bug on V2 CHAD construction, affects absolute colorimetric intent
2.0 Major version bump