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Bejeweled is a single player tile-matching puzzle game. The goal is to accumulate points by matching 3 or more jewels in the same column or row. Every time there is a match, all jewels in the match are removed from the grid to be replace by the jewels above them. matches are made by swapping 2 adjacent jewels.

screen shot


  • animated rendering of the game board.
  • animated swapping of two adjacent jewels (If it would result in a match).
  • animated replacement of matched jewels with those above them.
  • accumulation of points dependent on size of matches.
  • recursively handling new matches caused by replacement.
  • starting a new level upon point accumulation.
  • additional jewel types in more advanced levels.

Architecture and Technologies

This project was implemented using only 'vanilla' JavaScript, html, css.

The overall structure is heavily Object Oriented:

  • The Jewel class stores properties for type, position, and reference to it's DOM element.
  • The Board class contains the nested structure of columns of jewels.
  • The game class keeps track of the general game logic.
  • The timer, progress bar, and position object are all extracted into their own classes.
  • There is also a NullJewel class for polymorphic replacement of hairy conditionals.
  • The animation affects are kept separate from the core game logic to allow for clean procedural code.
  move(newPos, delay) {
    this.pos = newPos; = newPos;
    this.animateMove(newPos, delay);

  animateMove(newPos, delay) {
    setTimeout(() => { = `${newPos.px().x}px`; = `${newPos.px().y}px`;
    }, delay);

Future directions

  • add gem types for later levels
  • hint button
  • reset board in absence of possible matches
  • bonus special affect jewels
  • normal and timed game modes
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