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The all-time classic written for the command line

play with a friend, against one of the custom built ai engines or watch the different ai algorithms compete.

screen shot


  • download zip or git clone\n bundle install\n
  • difficulty can be customized by editing the MAX_DEPTH constant within any of the ai player files.

Game play

ruby chess.rb\n to begin a game.

  • The default settings will begin a game against the computer, with the human playing as white.
  • running the game with the flag -h will start a game with 2 human players
  • running the game with the flag -c will start a game with 2 computer players, with 'BFSPlayer' as white
  • use the arrow keys or w s a d to move the cursor.
  • space or enter to select or drop a playing piece.


  • Two custom built ai engines of various difficulty
  • Both use a min-max algorithm by interpreting into a single score the board layout that would result from every valid move.
  • DFSPlayer internally creates a tree depth first, up to the desired depth. It then immediately sets the score for each node.
  • BFSPlayer creates the tree breadth first, potentially allowing it to run on a concurrent thread while waiting for the opponent's input and looking up scores only when required to move.


  • Every player class has the same API allowing the game to interact with all players polymorphically.
  • Uses modules to extract methods common to several types of pieces and keep the code DRY. i.e. queen, rook and bishop include the slidable module.
class Rook < Piece
  include Slidable

  def symbol

  def value
    5 + super


  def move_dirs
    [[0, 1], [0, -1], [1, 0], [-1, 0]]
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