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Sample project for getting off the ground with ASP.NET Core, Docker and Microservices based on the tutorial:

This repo contains the demo project used as the subject for a blog post I did on getting started with ASP.NET Core-based microservices and Docker. If you just want to run the project please follow instructions below. If you'd like to learn more on how it was built please check out this detailed guide on my blog.


It should be fairly cross-platform friendly to get up and running but was developed on my windows 10 machine along with the following:

  • Windows 10 and PowerShell
  • Visual Studio Code - v1.19.0
    • C# for Visual Studio Code extension
    • Docker extension
  • SQL Server Management Studio 17.4
  • .NET Core SDK v2.0.0
  • Docker Community Edition 17.09.1-ce-win42 using Linux containers


  1. Download/clone repo.

  2. From the root folder (where docker-compose.yml resides) use the Docker CLI to build and start the containers for the solution: PS> docker-compose up -d. This step will take a few minutes or more as all the base images must be downloaded. When it completes you can check that all 7 containers for the solution have been built and started successfully by running PS> docker ps. Alt Additionally, you can connect to the Sql Server on Linux instance in the container using SQL Server Management Studio to ensure the databases dotnetgigs.applicants and were created. The server name is: localhost,5433 with username sa and password Pass@word.

  3. At this point, you can run and debug the solution from Visual Studio Code. Simply open the root folder in VSCode and start all projects in the solution simultaneously using the All Projects configuration or start them individually. The order they're started does not matter. Alt

  4. With all services running in the debugger you can hit the web app in your browser at localhost:8080 and set breakpoints in any of the projects to debug directly.

Known Issues

When running on windows ensure the line ending type for the Database/ remains as LF. When opening/saving this file in VSCode it can get switched to CRLF in which case the script won't run and the required databases never get created. If the databases aren't created check PS> docker logs mssql-linux and the presence of an error at the top such as sleep: invalid time interval '25\r'.

I have also noticed, on first run of newly created containers that when starting services that use Rabbit a connection exception will be thrown when starting the project in the debugger for the first time. Start it again and things seem to work fine from then on.


Sample project for getting off the ground with ASP.NET Core, Docker and Microservices based on the tutorial:






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