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using System.Linq;
using System.Threading.Tasks;
using Web.Api.Core.Dto.UseCaseRequests;
using Web.Api.Core.Dto.UseCaseResponses;
using Web.Api.Core.Interfaces;
using Web.Api.Core.Interfaces.Gateways.Repositories;
using Web.Api.Core.Interfaces.Services;
using Web.Api.Core.Interfaces.UseCases;
using Web.Api.Core.Specifications;
namespace Web.Api.Core.UseCases
public sealed class ExchangeRefreshTokenUseCase : IExchangeRefreshTokenUseCase
private readonly IJwtTokenValidator _jwtTokenValidator;
private readonly IUserRepository _userRepository;
private readonly IJwtFactory _jwtFactory;
private readonly ITokenFactory _tokenFactory;
public ExchangeRefreshTokenUseCase(IJwtTokenValidator jwtTokenValidator, IUserRepository userRepository, IJwtFactory jwtFactory, ITokenFactory tokenFactory)
_jwtTokenValidator = jwtTokenValidator;
_userRepository = userRepository;
_jwtFactory = jwtFactory;
_tokenFactory = tokenFactory;
public async Task<bool> Handle(ExchangeRefreshTokenRequest message, IOutputPort<ExchangeRefreshTokenResponse> outputPort)
var cp = _jwtTokenValidator.GetPrincipalFromToken(message.AccessToken, message.SigningKey);
// invalid token/signing key was passed and we can't extract user claims
if (cp != null)
var id = cp.Claims.First(c => c.Type == "id");
var user = await _userRepository.GetSingleBySpec(new UserSpecification(id.Value));
if (user.HasValidRefreshToken(message.RefreshToken))
var jwtToken = await _jwtFactory.GenerateEncodedToken(user.IdentityId, user.UserName);
var refreshToken = _tokenFactory.GenerateToken();
user.RemoveRefreshToken(message.RefreshToken); // delete the token we've exchanged
user.AddRefreshToken(refreshToken, user.Id, ""); // add the new one
await _userRepository.Update(user);
outputPort.Handle(new ExchangeRefreshTokenResponse(jwtToken, refreshToken, true));
return true;
outputPort.Handle(new ExchangeRefreshTokenResponse(false, "Invalid token."));
return false;