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using System.Threading.Tasks;
using Moq;
using Web.Api.Core.Domain.Entities;
using Web.Api.Core.Dto.GatewayResponses.Repositories;
using Web.Api.Core.Dto.UseCaseRequests;
using Web.Api.Core.Dto.UseCaseResponses;
using Web.Api.Core.Interfaces;
using Web.Api.Core.Interfaces.Gateways.Repositories;
using Web.Api.Core.UseCases;
using Xunit;
namespace Web.Api.Core.UnitTests.UseCases
public class RegisterUserUseCaseUnitTests
public async void Can_Register_User()
// arrange
// 1. We need to store the user data somehow
var mockUserRepository = new Mock<IUserRepository>();
.Setup(repo => repo.Create(It.IsAny<User>(), It.IsAny<string>()))
.Returns(Task.FromResult(new CreateUserResponse("", true)));
// 2. The use case and star of this test
var useCase = new RegisterUserUseCase(mockUserRepository.Object);
// 3. The output port is the mechanism to pass response data from the use case to a Presenter
// for final preparation to deliver back to the UI/web page/api response etc.
var mockOutputPort = new Mock<IOutputPort<RegisterUserResponse>>();
mockOutputPort.Setup(outputPort => outputPort.Handle(It.IsAny<RegisterUserResponse>()));
// act
// 4. We need a request model to carry data into the use case from the upper layer (UI, Controller etc.)
var response = await useCase.Handle(new RegisterUserRequest("firstName", "lastName", "", "userName", "password"), mockOutputPort.Object);
// assert