G33KB00K 2.0 - fun to read & fun to write -- 🤓 eXtreme eXtendable note taking system for nerds/geeks (including scientists!) docs: http://geekbook.rtfd.io = beautiful html generator of your markdown-based notes
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geekbook - note taking system for nerds/geeks!

Marcin Magnus (mmagnus) & Pietro Boccaletto (akaped)

G33KB00K - fun to read & fun to write -- 🤓 eXtreme eXtendable note taking system for nerds/geeks (including scientists!) (= beautiful html generator of your markdown-based notes) docs: http://geekbook.rtfd.io

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Figure. From an (old) homepage to a note.

Figure. A new Homepage.

A neat way how to combine Emacs/Atom/Sublime/iA Writer editor + Markdown Syntax + Git + Html engine (bootstrap/python) to get the best notes-talking experience ever. Highly customizable with plugins written in Python. What's the most important, under the hood it's just a set of Markdown files.. you can do with them whatever you want, e.g. you can Pandoc (http://pandoc.org/epub.html) them to epub (that's origin of "book" part of the name).

Motto: Notes are like your code.

Features Geekbook Word Office Apple Notes
Edits with Emacs Oh, boy, yes! Nope Nope
Outline (collapse to headers) With Emacs yes. Works great! Nope Nope
Long notes - easier to browse Long notes with great speed and table of content Very slow for long notes. Always problems with formatting long notes with images. Very good for short notes.
Syntax highlighting Oh, boy, yes! Hmm.. nope Hmm.. nope
Write your own plugins in Python Oh, boy, yes! Nope Nope
Export as a pdf Yes Yes Yes
Edit with ... Any text editor (with Markdown support for better UX) Word Apple Notes (Closed)
Flexible Super flexible. You can find your own why how to make your notes Medium Medium
Search Super easy to search with built-in search or just grep your files More difficult to search over a set of files. Slow! OK
Version control Yes, if you use Git etc Kind of. Hard to use (compared to Git) Nope
Style customizable Yes, it's HTML. Do what ever you want To some extend Nope
Edit on your phone Yes, use Byword Not really Yes, works very well!
Open & Free YES Nope, closed and pricey Close, no extra charge if you have an Apple device
Super easy to use Rather for geek/nerds/hackers Easy but who cares ;-) Easy but who cares ;-)

@todo Compare to Evernote.

Similar projects: it's kind of like Sphinx for your documentation, or Mkdocs (http://www.mkdocs.org/).


  • Index html based
  • Sync them with Dropbox/iCloud/github
  • Read from console, grep them
  • Edit with almost any text editor, I'm using Emacs!
  • Keep images separately, edit them in any external tool or edit them in batch
  • Customize html templates
  • You can sync notes in your system with notes kept at virtual machines (mounted via sshfs) or drives
  • Super light!
  • Pandoc markdown files to anything you want!
  • Use 3rd party editors, if you wish, on your computer or on your phone.

I recommend to use Emacs (or VIM or other super-powerful editor) to:

  • run git on your notes in your editor,
  • grep them in the editor,
  • make bookmarks to parts of your notes,
  • copy-paste from your notes to your programs you're writing,
  • use Google Translate (https://github.com/atykhonov/google-translate)
  • ispell,
  • outline mode,
  • focuse mode.

Sync with Github to have your notes (full-text searchable) with you all the time (in a private repository):


Kinda similar projects:







[tableofcontent] # give you table of content in a given place of your note
[date] # give you date when a note was compiled
[yt:EKyirtVHsK0] # it must be the only text in the line !!!

and more http://geekbook.readthedocs.io/en/latest/edit.html#geekbook-only.


Focus on your notes

List your notes in Emacs (sort by Date/Name)

magit-based diff of your notes


On your OSX

Spotlight your notes:

On your phone

On your phone: (in this case using Dropbox & Byword on my iPhone).

Or Draft (http://lifehacker.com/draft-is-a-clean-note-taking-app-with-markdown-support-844836670) for Android (not tested by me).

Search on your Iphone to get to the note.

Update: Now I'm using iA Writer for iPhone (https://itunes.apple.com/pl/app/ia-writer/id775737590?l=pl&mt=12). It has sync with iCloud (works with sync also images (!)) and Dropbox. Geekbook has a nice plugin to be able to work with iA Writer seamlessly.

If you insert an image on your phone, the syntax for it will be iA Writer-like. However if Geekbook detects this syntax it converts it to markdown syntax for images (which works as well in iA Writer).

Moreover, you can use in Geekbook also syntax /<file.md> to join chapters into books.

There is also a nice app for Mac (https://ia.net/writer/).


See http://geekbook.readthedocs.io/en/latest/install.html

Food for thought


Markdown Editors

PyCharm - Python IDE and Markdown editor https://www.jetbrains.com/pycharm/