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Bumpslide AS3 Library

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Bumpslide AS3 Library

This is the new home for the latest bumpslide as3 libs.


    • AS3-only Request/Response interfaces
    • AMF, XML, JSON, Request classes
    • Service Proxy
    • Request Queue
    • Socket/FMS Utils
  • com.bumpslide.ui

    • Skinnable UI Component model
    • MXML-friendly (without-flex)
    • Support Virtualized, Smooth-scrolling, Lists and Data grids
    • Page/View stack management
    • Re-usable behaviors
  • com.bumpslide.util

    • Common data types and structures
    • Non-Flex data binding
    • Static utilities
    • etc.
  • com.bumpslide.command

    • Front Controller and Command Pattern
    • Nestable Asynchronous Command Queues
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